I got my Vaping Kit

It is this one + I got pear flavour nicotine. It is just like the hookah that my friends smoke but much more convenient.
I paid 110 CAD for this + the juice. :smiley:

I am excited. I am pledging not to smoke another cigarette.


When you graduate to unflavored, that’s when you’ve arrived :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a nice rig, hope you have temp control

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I don’t know, the guy said this is the best with a good battery. There were some smaller ones though he said not worth it.
I can choose up to 23W I think so right now I am smoking 15 with a 6mg nicotine.


Ok it’s a good starter. If you get into it you’ll want something around 75 watt min. Sorry you paid so much for that. Still a good brand though. To give you an idea I vape at around 20 watts but have a 200 watt rig so the batteries don’t die

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Wow! Good move ! I hope it keeps you off cigarettes.

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Which flavor do you recommend? I really like this pear :pear: so addicitive!! I am thrilled by far ! :slight_smile:

And do you smoke a whole fill in a day or is it too much? I started smoking at 2 pm with breaks and now it is around 30% less

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I vape unflavoured as I didn’t really like any of the flavours for very long. I also vape 6mg . But I refill my tank a few times a day. I vape every 15-20 minutes though.

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It is better than smoking cigarettes!:flushed: I have no smoked for 8 hours now


That great! It sounds like you have a winning formula!

Just some info: The kit you have has a 0.7 ohm coil which you’re probably using and a spare 1.8 ohm coil. So Id advise you to dump the spare 1.8ohm coil and buy a pack of 0.7ohm coils from the shop.

I’ve no idea how long the coils last on that model. Otherwise in 2 weeks the coil could stop working and you’ll be reaching for cigarettes again.

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is this the little metal thingy inside the tube?

I just checked on it and it reads 1.8ohm ! :smile:

The seller told me I could buy a pack of 5 coils for 16 bucks and each coil lasts for about a week, he said you can tell you need to change it from the taste of nicotine. But I am not sure if this pack is 0,7 or 1,8 :thinking:

Do you mean the whole thing will stop working?

1.8 On the spare one or the one in the tank? What does the spare one say?!

so the spare one says 1.8 ohm not sure about the one in use.

Yes that sounds right. The one in the tank will be 0.7. If that’s working for you dump the spare 1.8 coil.

Here’s a video on how to change the coil

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So you need to get a pack of 0.7ohm coils from the shop. Then change the coil every 2 or so weeks. Yes, it stops working until the coil is replaced. The coil is the thing that creates the vapour.

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A 2015 expert review from Public Health England estimated e-cigs are 95% less harmful than the real thing.

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Glad you finally got a vape. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I got my vape. When you need to change the coil, you’ll know. It starts to taste like burnt cotton. Pretty bad.

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Vaping is hurting my teeth. Maybe because i drank some diet pepsi