I got good sleep today

The night before last, I was wearing some really uncomfortable pajamas that held in the heat (artificial fabric) and I couldn’t regulate my temperature all night in them. So, I couldn’t sleep. And I stayed up all the next day and I had a miserable migraine all day because of the lack of sleep. I wasn’t smart enough to change into a different set of pajamas apparently. Well last night, I stayed up late again, and I slept all day today. I feel really good now.


Glad you recovered. Going without sleep makes me symptomatic. Did you get psychotic?

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I’m on 23 hours awake. I screwed up and slept the day away again yesterday, have had to stay up to reset my sleep schedule. I’ve been an insomniac since I was a teenager. I’m glad your migraine is gone, those things are nothing to fool around with. I’ve only had one in my entire life and I remember it like I remember the ear infections.


I’m on too many AP’s (3) to get psychotic.

I take 2 APs but if I even try to stay up late I get psychotic. I need my sleep. It’s good you don’t then.

I had migraines when I was a young man but only a couple times. They were bad. The corpsman I saw in the Navy when I had them thought I had a stroke. My face drooped. My vision got real blury. I saw spots and of course my head hurt.

I only had like two of them but that was enough.

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Glad you’re back on track @SkinnyMe.

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I get a migraine anytime there is any kind of storm outside: rain, snow, ice, etc…

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