I stayed up all night again


I didn’t sleep tonight. Has anybody else stayed up all night?


I’m lucky if I can stay up all day, I’m the Nap Master LOL


lel REKT. I have been sleeping alot less lately?


I sleep through the day and stay awake the whole night… I have been like this for a long time now.


Jake please take this symptom very seriously. It’s a big red flag that something may be going wrong. Not trying to scare you but I care about you and don’t want you to go through a manic episode. Take care.


When there’s a lot on my mind and it’s just running around in my brain then yes.


I got to sleep at 4 am. Up at 9am. Not tired. I think I’m building up a tolerance to Seroquel. Might ask about Trazadone? My next appt is on Wednesday


Also this. My last psychotic episode started with months long insomnia. Until I stopped sleeping completely


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