I got a date

With a chick. But I already know I’m going to be an anxious mess when we hang out. Maybe even a panic attack could be on the cards but I dunno probably not likely. I met her on tinder so we are yet to meet in person. Should I warn her that I get anxiety before I meet her? I feel that I should


Congratulations! :tada:

Thanks! First one in a while

I know I’m going to doubt myself because of my MI

a couple of beers might help you…congrats

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Tell her you’re nervous!


congratulations! I think it’s okay to say you’re nervous. I’m sure she’s nervous as well. Just try to remember you are not your MI. You are thousands of things MI is just one of those things. You’re also; smart, strong, handsome, kind, giving, lovable, loyal, funny, interesting, complicated and the list goes on and on. I can list all these things and I don’t even know you. You should write a list because you know you better. When you’re done writing your list put MI at the bottom and see if you still need to warn her about your anxiety. Do you feel the need to warn her that your loyal? Honey you’re going to do great! I promise.

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Just casually mention that you’re feeling nervous and I’m sure she’ll help diffuse some of that anxiety. For sure she’s nervous too! Oh yes and some beers.
Have fun my friend!

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Holding my thumbs. (Swedish expression I guess)

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