My date is coming 5hrs time,I am quite worried

I am quite worried I might get depressive or psychotic episode during my date,it would be really awful and embarrassing,in 5 hrs time I hope it doesn’t happen


Don’t worry, if you have some prescribed benzos, I would take a low dose. Just be yourself and try to take it easy, be casual and make small talk - talk about things like the weather, celebrities and movies, talk about general popular subjects - keep it simple, but interesting. Do not try to over impress her - don’t go overboard, and play it rather cool - Good luck to you and try to have a good time, go with the flow


you will be fine , take some deep breaths, lavender oil on your collar is soothing.
remember your date will be nervous too.
take care

I like dating . . . May you have fun!



Risky business.

Don’t care for it myself.

I have not dated in 25 years, good luck anyway.

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There is no other way to conquer it than willingly expose yourself to whatever bothers you…tipsy helps a little. Otherwise, anxiety controls but things are so much harder dealing with the schizo symptoms and social problem, stigma, being on nutty stalker radar…Cannot beat yourself up for making a decision to just be happy with whatever…

It’s ok,I am bringing a normal mood and hope I will go with the flow as @Wave suggested

Thank you guys for advice,I will try not to be too anxious and talk more than usual but not forcibly,1hr more to go,excited!


I am back guys,everything was fine,we talked laughed but I seem shy as usual,but everything was fine,thank you guys for comfort and advice


Great! Sounds like you handled the anxiety quite well. :smiley:


Glad it all worked out… and glad you had a nice time. :thumbsup:

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Thx @SurprisedJ,it was a good time,i was a little nervous but the date went fine and i hope i can go for more date to increase my chance of having a GF