I get lost

So I sent out some applications for jobs. There are some invitations for job interviews. I missed some because I feel really tired. It takes a lot of motivations and I often doubt if I can handle a busy job like that.

I have got a call. One employer said they have exemptions for me in the written test. I can go straight into interviews. But the job is an important one. It serves a leading role and is a head. I think I won’t be able to heading a service. It’s a little stress and I feel uncomfortable a lot of time. Maybe I should give up. Maybe I should just show up. It’s difficult to make myself to do a lot of socializing. But if i don’t try, I might keep living in poverty. I just can’t get a stable job.

that sucks goggles, getting a job and keeping one can be very hard for a lot of us with this illness,

i am waiting for an appointment from an occupational therapist who is going to supposed to be helping me with getting some work, probably gradually so i am supported all the way,

i had a bad time with work and my illness and i had my first break in my first job probably because i couldn’t handle all of the stress and i was put under a lot of pressure, it was a bad start,

so i would suggest getting some support if you can, if you need it (i know i do) it will be very small things at first for me i think, baby steps.

I have applied for jobs in ngo, hospitals and government. I think jobs in the ngo is the easiest and it is actually similar to my present job. The job in the government is permanent. I think it would lead to stable income. I wish i could get more support. But the social worker discharged me from their vocational rehabilitation service just before they laid me off. I’m working for their centre. I’m pretty much on my own.

sorry to hear that goggles, idk what to suggest, over here in britain we have citizens advice bureau and they can sometimes help with these things, suggest things etc, is there an advice place anywhere near you? an office or phone number you can call, hope you can get some help, nobody should have to do this on their own, hope this helps, take care

Thank you for your kind words @daydreamer

Where I live they often say they cannot help me. It would be much better if I get a stable employment. I’ll keep trying.