Do you work or stay home?

I haven’t worked in over 2 years. I’m living with family, recieve snap benefits and graciously recieve a little money every month from my 90 year old grandfather.

I’m looking for a job now, though, I feel I’m not ready, but I must because I have a child and I don’t have a support system to help me through this thing to get better. My family I’m staying with believe I’m fine because “I don’t act weird”.

Anyway, I’ve been applying like crazy and have had 3 unsuccessful job interviews. The fact that I was even able to leave the house to go to them amazes me. I also have agoraphobia and very, very rarely leave the house, so the idea of even getting a job gives me a panic attack, but my family harasses me every day to get a job, which makes me panic more because I know they want me out in my own place as soon as possible.

I’m truly trying. I’ve applied to nearly 40 places in the past 2 months, but no one wants me. I have a good resume other than I haven’t worked in over two years.

Anyway, are you working while ill or not?

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No work or school for 2 or 3 years.

I’m sorry your family is harassing you. You need good support and your own place… hope things improve for you.

Nah, I can’t work right now. Going back to school though.

Sorry that you have to in your situation, hopefully you’ll find the strenght to pull through. I’m rooting for you!

Go for part time… work your way up…

When I was getting better… I couldn’t handle a full time job… I had to ease back into the work place. Little by little I had to build back up to full time work.

Right now I do have a job and I’m in school part time… (on-line classes really help me)

Good luck and congratulations on fighting your anxiety and going to the interviews.


Girl…i admire you for taking so much effort to fight your anxiety :crown:
It’s not easy, not at all.
When I was still at college and was living with my sister, I had very low income, only from a stipendiary program…and my psychiatrist tried to push me to get some honorary job. Her argument was that I will feel better and more confident once I get my own dependency.
Maybe that was right…but I couldn’t explain her that I so easily get bored and lose motivation, and that I hate public exhibiting…

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Now I have to pass the state exam to become a teacher and I also look for a master program.
Honestly, I have no clue how I gonna deal with children and paper work once I have a job. My mentor is older than me for like twenty years and she is so passionate and dedicated to teaching that it makes me want to punch myself with a hammer. :girl: :hammer:


Do not take it personally.
Why torture yourself?
You are doing the best you can in this moment, and be proud on yourself.

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I lost my job end of July and have been working a little from home since. Honestly, I can’t stay home. I hate it. I feel like a lazy piece of ■■■■. I need to go out, socialize, work, make money, meet people and achieve things! I will start looking for a job in November, after vacation :airplane:

I’ve had several interviews in the past and some didn’t call me back. If you’re qualified for a job and doing well in interviews, you’re gonna get hired. Make sure your qualifications match the job perfectly, be confident in yourself and dress well. Are you discussing salary? I, personally never discuss salary, I say I’m flexible and I would like to be assessed according to my qualifications. What kind of jobs are you applying for? Do you have a work history?

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I have to get a full time job paying no less than $13 an hour. My aunt won’t let me stay much longer and I can’t handle the harassment.

She wants me to work at the Toyota manufacturing plant. It starts out at $17. But there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to pass the physical exam they give you. It’s stuff like holding a 25 pound weight and standing and squatting with it for 2 hours. I’ve applied anyway, for her, but im gonna freak the f**k out and probably run out and she’ll be so angry at me.

All of this has me in a constant state of depersonalization and panic. Omg.

I don’t discuss salary either. I’m applying for manufacturing, manual labor and clerical work. I won’t do retail or food because being around all those people will surely throw me over the edge. My main experience is clerical work. I was a receptionist for almost 3 years and I know Microsoft Office and filing.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

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Check out this earlier poll on this topic for the best idea - and the discussion afterward:

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Best of luck. I’m sure you’re gonna find something soon. Part time or full time, you can also do internship for three months if you don’t find anything for sometime. It would be a good experience and help you find a job quickly.

Volunteer at school. Self-employed photographer, DJ, videographer, so work from home and on location. Do some contract writing.



Can you put down kid-time or caregiving?

You have a good chance of getting disability if you do not earn over $800 a month for a year prior to your hearing. So, part-time work is in your best interests.

I actually put the neighborlady down as my employer as I was even helping with depends & clothing changes…I tried several short-term jobs during the time and quit when I saw how this city is running things so closely to bankruptcy, employee is likely to get sued for $8-10 job…I just leave the short jobs off without any problems, but it can result in termination if caught.

I think you should be SSI eligible if you say you have the intention to pay rent if you were able. This will usually get you SSI (if assets are $2k or less) and better SNAP.

I worked life/death and public contact stuff…Had to give up both. A lot of it is just the local economic situation at these businesses with terribly low staffing raising risk too high so limiting my liability after being swarmed by customers who knew what was wrong in the computer and tried to play me…Other schizo victims in my community were eventually bullied out of businesses and networking groups so know I have to accept fact I need to accept the right job to give these nasty people the sick satisfaction they desire, work off the internet or job hunt out of area with intent to move. Really, things were made much worse after I was confronted in church of 5k and literally thrown out, which is referred to as mobbing. Then members stalked me for 5+ years even harassing me threateningly in front of their coworkers…Hate fact that church was so big, they controlled a lot of the businesses on my side of town as these were professional workers. Some churches encourage their people to mistreat someone on disability payments after mental care so can be tough situation unless you choose a church where you know some people well.

You can use Google to find jobs on craigslist using Google Advanced Search on right lower corner. Put in for ‘site’, choose your keywords and even age of ads you want to search. Hands down this is the best site for entry level, part-time or freelance work. Watch out for someone wanting your social security # before interviews. I would recommend ‘virtual assistant’ search. Is $20/month for Microsoft Office, typing tutor runs $30 for Mavis Beacon typing program at Best Buy. You can practice the software and get book from library to go through the tutorials if you want. Unemployment Office and public library teach MS Office free here…Your local Small Business Development office could be useful to study up on owning your own business as 1099 contractor. Classes are very cheap.

SSI is usually $700 a month.

I’m so sorry for the stress. It can’t be easy.

I’ve worked for 27 years before my world crumbled to pieces. I was always employed during that time. I went off on disability at my last job I had. I worked there for 15 years in total. I have to go through an evaluation process every second year or so in order to keep receiving my disability benefit. I can do stuff but I get tired after a short while…physically and mentally. On Monday I helped my aunt to buy a new tv and decoder. Then I set up the stuff at her house. It kept me busy the entire day and I was ■■■■■■ by the end of the day. Today I had to rest the whole day to recover. I try to do voluntary and charity jobs where I can which is within my ability to cope. I do stay home a lot though…more than I’m out but it helps me to cope. I’m not fit enough to keep up a full time job atm.

I hide…

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I usually do temp jobs but I only have me to support. If I were you, I would go for the benefits of ssi and what not.

I feel this way to, as I stay at home. That’s what the voices tell me I am anyway, and it’s hard to ignore them since I feel that way anyway. I don’t work but often wonder if I should try and look for something. I have a bachelor’s degree in Health administration but very little work experience and none in the health care field. Plus I have tried going back to work but couldn’t handle the anxiety of dealing with customers all day and wound up quitting a little under a week, haven’t tried since (that’s when I went back to school). Now I’m stuck with student loan bills and not able to pay them off because I’m afraid of working.

Stress really triggers my relapses and I know any job I get will have stress tied along with it. Stress is what caused my last relapse anyway, and my symptoms peak even more when I’m under stress. But how do I get past the lazy moocher feeling? I couldn’t even handle jury duty. Sunday when we had family over I had to sneak back into my room and calm myself because I felt my anxiety start to peak.

Schizophrenia sucks. Unless you’re sitting off to the side talking to yourself or in a delusional state of being, people don’t see you as sick. And not only that because the media’s portrayal of people with Schizophrenia most people tend view us as homicidal violent people which is not the case, even in my most delusional state of being I’ve never been violent. Getting off topic here, sorry I’ll get going, just wanted to throw my two-scene in.