I fixed my bar and the shot glass collection


If that was me back in the day I would be drunk 24/7 with that collection. Now, with my meds, the other day on Thursday or Friday I bought 6 beers. I took 2 sips. Threw it out. Gave 1 to my friend. The other 4 just sitting In my fridge. Before the meds I couldn’t be in the same room as alcohol without being triggered, and if it was mine, without drinking it. Now it makes me sick

That’s an awesome display though. Cool. Hope u enjoy it!!


Thank you @Jonnybegood

My main reason for drinking too much last year was because I was heavily lost in negative thoughts all day long, I needed an escape and it was stupid. Lesson learned, now I drink only occasionally, socially and not more than 2 drinks.

I am happy for you! Thank you!


I’m thirsty 121212


I’m glad for you because I was a little worried about your drinking tbt. it’s hard to get out of the cycle especially if it’s mostly on your own but you’ve managed to do it. Congrats! :champagne::tada:

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