I fing hate telepathy

Maybe its not real, but you all have no idea what it has done to me. My mind was turned inside out ■■■■■■ over a time or two and then left to fend for itself. Maybe it just a figment of my imagination, but I believe differently. I hope some of you who are reading this are in the telepathic crowd, so I can tell you that I hate your kind. If your not telepathic I am certainly glad that there are others like me. The worst thing is I have to learn to be like these people now, it my only means of survival and getting a long. Or maybe its just a symptom and I’ve had to change myself to manage it. The process has been long and confusing but I’m finally to the point where I’m a blank slate and I just have to learn how to live again.

It be not telepathy that be the problem.

Telepathy could be one of the greatest and useful things imagineable.

It’s hate that be the problem, if hate runs through all things that is the problem.

One could say i hate knowledge, but it isn’t knowledge they hate, it’s hate, hate and knowledge builds bombs and manipulates to no avail.

One could say i hate money, but money is a good idea, it’s lovelessness and money combined that is the problem.

think of the good that telepathy could accomplish, it could fix so many of these problems it’s rediculous, but without the love it’s nothing.

i felt as if i had telepathy when i had psychosis. voices in my head said “hes thinking about this, he expects this, etc” i thought it was the cia installing nanotechnology in my brain for spy communication. BUT now after my psychosis has dissapated i REALIZE ITS NOT TRUE. you gotta keep telling yourself that if you can, remember telepathy is not real at all. there is just a sensation in the mind that believes it is real

i have a theory that the voices are the seperation of the mind into many conciousnesses, one of those conciousnesses might say hey this telepathy is real. just remember that conciousness has a bad personality hes telling a lie.


Well, the worst thing is they consider it not to be real so the ■■■■■ get away with saying whatever they feel regardless of the limiting factors you typically find in social situations. Its ■■■■■■■ real man. These people are telepathic. If you find a way to piss them all off they’ll turn on you. Either that or I’m a thought broadcaster and they all know how to communicate with thought broadcasters.

I know it’s real, it was proven to me to be real.

They have said things that prove it’s real.

Hello Brian

they are not what you think, time has no meaning to them, your life has no meaning to them, they don’t understand your thoughts. here imagine a cup in front of you full of marbles ask them how many marbles are in the glass. They are blind and realy stupid it is your thoughts that they use to intimidate you with. keep asking them questions. when things get tough throw a frying pan into your thoughts and see which way the conversation goes then. Ask them about these words the ones here. Ask them how much time till they become something else.

Read these words several times “you are on my head not in my head”


The niacin im on seems to be knocking out the voices. They really arent saying much today

my voices have been bad for the past week but i still don’t believe i’m telepathic, even though they say i am all the time. just personalities. that’s all they are. personalities that do impressions of famous people both dead and alive. i haven’t tried niacin but i doubt it would make any difference. no med i’ve tried has done anything for voices at all. i’ve also been floridly psychotic on high doses of meds too. i guess i’ve just learned to live with this as best i can…knowing by experience that i’m not telepathic at all. you’ll learn that one day too bryan. keep taking the meds…try different combos and you never know, you might find one that works for you and you’ll never hear voices again. xxx

Thanks jane. I’d advise you try out the niacin. It’s pretty cheap and it’s doing wonders for me. Meds don’t really effect my psychosis either it’s been a battle of time and willpower to overcome this ■■■■. It was actually more learning what not to do. I’m glad you don’t believe in telepathy it gives me hope. I hope you find peace and that your symptoms subside. Try the niacin it’s worth a shot

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I am 58, and have been dealing with sz for 38 years. When I was on the older style antipsychotics, Haldol, stelazine, etc. I felt I had “thought broadcasting” I think this was a result of the medication: it was altering neurotransmitters. It was incredibly mentally anguishing thinking that even strangers on the street could read my mind, frightening, like ten times worse than being naked in public. When they put me on the newer style antipsychotics, Risperdal, Zyprexa, I believed I could broadcast my thoughts and be somewhat a master of “mind only”, and that I knew everything, that I was not suffering from illusions, delusions, or a “wrong” view of what reality was. I still think that “straight” people live in a very unfortunate world with confused nations, diplomacy, misappropriated religious conviction, and it’s frankly, scary, what the news is telling us. I guess you think other people are broadcasting their thoughts to you, and you get blown away by the mental input. The mind is a delicate organ, like the heart. If a person laid their hands on your heart it would be unhealthy, unsanitary and unhealthy. the antipsychotics all have side effects. They alter your neurotransmitters, your thoughts firing, they can go one way or the other. the psychiatrists actually do not know, as in precise scientific measurement, how they affect your unique mind, brain, as well as countless others on similar (and different neuro transmitter altering pills). Every mind is unique, every psychology, or psyche is unique. Your life experience is unique. I don’t know how old you are. You are bold to ask. I’m just trying to give you the benefit of my experience and 38 years of trying to understand this sz too. I hated people reading my mind. I blank slated it too. I found that there still is a space where I can have my own thoughts. It’s like a story within a story. It’s not the superficial telepathy or thought broadcasting. We are all unique gems. Hang in there. I love you brother. I still deal with it. I’m going in a sprint triathlon (500m swim, 11 mile bike ride, 5k run) Sunday. Keep on doing it. I also can handle traveling. I’m going back to where I went to college for 10 days to see old friends, hike, bike, and get away from the day to day.

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