Hallucinations of telepathy

It’s the strangest thing it’s perfect an unending. The hallucination that everyone is telepathic. They stare through me, see my thoughts, and see what I see. They experience me in my entirety. Or so it seems. It’s all of them like I’m broadcasting or for some reason I’ve gotten all of their attention. It took some getting used to but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Of course they tell me it’s not real I just can’t see how it’s not. It leaves me in a very vulnerable position. Someone could easily say that one sentence that would destroy me. The one sentence that simplifies me and makes me ridiculous. I don’t really know what that sentence but I’m afraid. The telepathic masters do seem kind though and I’m getting better. Maybe I’ll find a way to stop this. It seems to go away sometimes. It can’t possibly be real can it? It’s just persistent. New functions of the mind. At least I get a break in my sleep. Hallucinations of telepathy in a world full of muggles.

They speak with me in my mind and respond to my thoughts.

Yeah, someone is telepathic somehow.

In my world i don’t think everyone is telepathic but they can easily be. I feel real people can read my mind and harrass me for them. Maybe my thoughts are broadcasted via radio or tv. I’m only releaved when i’m not the topic of one’s conversation. I hope these telepathic people are kind and non judgmental.
I dread being around telepathic people. Why won’t they leave me alone.
I don’t want to read their minds.
They never tell me how they read my mind though. Do your telepathic people tell you how they read your mind? Just wondering.

No they stay concealed for the most part but there have been a couple time when I hear it in their voice not the generic telepathic voices. The most crippling thing is I can’t seem to think of anything else.

Please google gang stalking/cause stalking/thought broadcasting. Please don’t bother people or follow orders from voices because you are really bothering someone who may be suicidal and mental care will not help with this. Some of the closet schizo (churchees too) will follow orders from the voices to stalk a specific stranger and verbally harass them about something private…if you frequent a place, you may be working or socializing with a ton of part-time psychotics so this can happen. I advise against engaging in this as you will be called upon by voices to do a lot worse like harass customers/coworkers until fired, vandalize stuff and trespass or date specific people to harm them with financial abuse, battery or cheating…Please don’t contribute to the problem.

Some of the churches are telling their parishioners to engage in this crap and other parishioners are silent devil worshippers allowing other people in the church to be harassed without speaking up. This happens a lot with the Non-denominational churches and pentacostals…

Some cities have a TON of people who will act like this up to and including roving bands of teens in poorer neighborhoods surrounding you, calling you by name and harassing you about your disability check & you never discussed it…

The pdocs and therapists refuse to discuss this,calling it delusional, leaving a confused one almost insane and self harm usually results. You cannot get angry with your mental care or they will hospitalize you for months at a time at your own expense for ‘attitude adjustments’.

You will see a pattern who who displays the gang stalking behaviors and some folks do not…other coping strategy is to ignore the voices/keep employment/do not discuss anything about this. Not everyone is crazy (except in some churches) so you are not nuts, what you are seeing is probably the case.

Other thing you may see is ‘thought insertion’ which is kind of like song stuck in your head, except it is word or phrase that is not related to current activities or train of thought which repeats in intrusive way in your internal voice. This is artificial and sick joke. It should be ignored. Sometimes, this will happen to old folks or children in your company and they will look like they are possessed, talking like a parrot of your internal voice or harassing your about something private they wouldn’t know. There is no such thing as demonic possession so this is another sick joke you need to ignore for the best interests of this person. This is called delusional by mental care too. Unfortunately, this crap has gotten some children harmed or killed by pagan parents…church allows these folks to believe in demons when some of the wealthy folks are bragging about driving people crazy to get even with/motivate ex-wives, unwilling mistresses, business/college rivals or further abuse sex abuse victims. Crazy is a product bought and sold by the sicko wealthy, ignored by the government who are financially supported by the sick wealthy and profitteered upon by drug companies/mental care. Years ago, I met someone harming people and bragging about driving people crazy & I’ve dealt with the voices since (despite medication attempts) and stalked/trespassed upon badly. Some of the wealthy folks do this full-time and have no need to work or attend to any normal responsibilities…these travel the country harassing people, ruining lives and trying to get another chance at a victim…

You will probably get more relief if you do not follow any orders from the voices or talk aloud to yourself and keep trying to make a living, even part-time. If you have a story like mine, you need to avoid your abuser and anyone still associating with the abusers to be okay (these folks are usually gang stalkers & vandals too). If you do not talk much about whatever caused your problems, sometimes your symptoms will get better in 2-3 years. Seroquel at night is nice to sleep if you don’t get relief from the voices with other stuff/full dose of meds…cut up the seroquel pills and take at bedtime to deal with insomnia.

If you are bothered a lot at work, you need to carry the tape recorder set up on your phone or MP3. These folks will probably stop bothering you. At school, if you can get your pdoctor to fill out a good doctor’s not respecting your explanation of your mistreatment (frequently professor who won’t follow assignments on syllabus, sexual harassment or other mentally ill students who are allowed to be disruptive during class) instead of calling you delusional, you can go to your Disability Services department at the school. It is really helpful to be able to do your assignments/tests in another room, get alternative assignments if group assignments have disruptive members or get additional clarification on assignments if the professor is bullying you…plus talk to the dean about mistreatment if necessary. It is new trend in psych nurse care to call all new patients delusional for a while so any new doctor you ask for assistance with ‘social problems’ would discredit you with the school causing you to drop your classes for the semester out of distress over the discrimination tactics and have to pay back your student loans immediately…this is a new treatment tactic to get you to take more medications and bust your life to bits for a while. Return to your old psych doctor for assistance if you have relocated to try college somewhere else and things are not going okay…I highly recommend you take 2-3 classes at a school and pay cash before you decide you want to get student loans somewhere because things are bad at some schools. Even online classes in IT can be a problem with a prick instructor who will send dirty files to crash your computer…

Hope this helps.

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Well man that was pretty thorough. Reminds me of a time when I was approached by an African American woman who swore she was a Native American. This was around the time when they were threatening to body swap me with a homeless man. Apparently I’m stuck in here pretty good. Or the time when the gas station attendant said "let me guess they were threatening to scoop you out and put you somewhere else. The man shouldn’t have known I was schizo let alone what I was specifically going through. I get a real eerie feeling when I make eye contact with people. Esp when I’m trying to talk to people. I don’t really know about gang stalking and the like. I’ve looked into it and it just seems like paranoia food.