I find sz and sza very mysterious

I find sz and sza very mysterious

we don’t fully know about it


We know a lot about it.

Especially considering where we were as late as the 70s.

It’s true we don’t know everything,

But there is a wealth of information on the matter.


Quite a phenomenon in some terms

1 in a 100 too

Mysterious?? No, it’s not any more mysterious as other genetic diseases.

Luckily we’ll know more about which genes are responsible for this horrible illness so we can create better meds and weed it out through gene editing.

I hate this illness!!

It’s not that hard to figure out and manage.

Easier than my blood sugar, to be honest.

I wonder the first person that suffered with psychosis

on a different note is it 100% a chemical imbalance in the brain structure?

I would say it is not so mysterious and not so well known among society to create awareness… that is the problem with it… it is stigmatised and not so popular…

different forms of sz/sza different symptoms

different degrees of suffering across the board, some recover some don’t,

each case can differ

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I’ve yet to see a single SZ who has committed to improving that hasn’t accomplished this. The level of achievable recovery varies by individual, but we can all move the dial at least somewhat.

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ignorant people will stigmatize anything

A good wise samaritan will understand sz/sza better

truth wins always

de-stigmatize in the future I see it

improving one’s life is key

any improvement in symptoms is a bonus

we all share our helpful ideas here every day

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I went to an Orthodox church and they believed Satan used my schizophrenia as a means to hurt me. I don’t believe this idea is helpful.

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When anyone uses religion to explain mental illness I immediately disregard anything they ever say afterward. Ignorance is contagious.

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You talk bs sometimes!

As if people generally avoid recovery or improving?

What planet are you on


Life is mysterious. The universe is mysterious.

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If some of the posts on this forum are any indication, then yes, many DO avoid recovery.

Because recovery is work and I’ve seen many, many excuses on why some refuse to put in any work.

As for your other comments, you owe @ozymandias an apology for your little outburst and insults.

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My thing I’m just curious about is what caused me to be sza as a child. First episode was around 5 or 6 years old. These conditions are so much more common as an adult.

I don’t treat SZ like an illness, I treat it like it’s a @#$%ing war. Some months I win more battles and there are months where I lose more. I show up every goddamn morning ready for the fight, though. Because if you don’t fight for recovery you don’t get to have any recovery.


I definitely agree with this. Experienced my first episode as a child. Sz/sza are just one of those things that’s worse long term if you aren’t helped sooner. I lost around 20 years to psychosis, but I’ve still managed to improve my life and push forward, even if my success doesn’t look like most people’s. It’s success to me, and that’s what we should all focus on when it comes to our own walks.


So for the past few months i was avoiding group. Mainly due to not sleeping right(still working on the right sleep med) but i was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. So my sleep isnt restful until i got a cpap machine. Which i have to call about tomorrow as the hose broke.

Anyways, i realized groups are a big part of my recovery. Learning coping skills and social skills. I burnout from social things but groups are different.

Im still working on my med regimine. I have a delusion that is always there but i can move around it thanks to meds. My only real proble. Is homicidal ideation when stressed. But my care team knows im not a threat in actuality and dont ship me off to the hosputal anymore.

Idk if I’ll ever be able to work properly again. But im not selling myself short. Just listening to my needs right now. And right now i need to really focus on myself.

But i set up schedules with my friends and boyfriend. So im socializing with more than just family.

My peer support is amazed at how far ive come in 2 years. And im 2 years hospital free. So who knows what the future holds.

Im fortunate to be on disability and have the health insurance i have to get all the help and meds i do.

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