My doctor told that Sz is a mystery

I met her in the last Monday, my nurse was there too. She suddenly told that Sz is partly a mystery for them too. But we need to understand that this disease or condition just has a name, i.e. Schizophrenia. Our unusual beliefs are what they are. We just try to make theories and trying to solve this mystery. But hey, I know that the voices and those characters behind them, ain’t people like us. My doctor also stated that they want to help us. The people are on our side really. Have a nice day!


Yes, nobody really knows what causes it.

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My pdoc told me the same thing. One more mystery for science to solve.

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It’s a very mysterious illness in terms of causation, symptoms, and prognosis.

Changes from person to person.


There are definite patterns to the illness, such as themes of delusions, types of symptoms, and verified treatments.

It’s definitely a curve ball for professionals and sufferers alike, but we know enough about it to do something productive about it.


The ‘mystery’ is people don’t accept people with MI and we are generally excluded

Fix that and you’ll fix a lot

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I guess I’m just glad to live in this day and age, where it’s slightly less of a mystery to treat. They’re trying, thank goodness.

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sz is a mystery.

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The very unusual symptoms that totally disrupt my life and my social belonging are totally baffling. This is one reason I think psychiatry is the most interesting field of medicine.

Hmm. . .

Strange To Note: Life Is Also A Mystery. And Not Jus The Illness. I Mean, One Could Easily Look At The Stars Beyond The Blue In The Sky And Say, ‘Woah, What A Mystery’!.

The Ground, A Mystery. How Deep Does It Go?.

The Ocean, A Mystery, How Many Creatures Have Yet To Come Forth From The Shadows?.

A Board Game, A Mystery, How Can Those Types Of Games Be So Enlightening?.

A Little Bug, A Strong Tree, Suburbia, And All of The Love Without And Within, a Mystery.

So Listen To Your Doctor,

That Individual Knows What’s Up!.


My Doctor Makes Me Sad. . .


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