I felt like a normie for about an hour!

I’m taking beta alanine (at noon) and there’s a theoretical risk that it depletes taurine in your body.

As I have nothing better to do I took 500mg of taurine at 6pm. Then around 8-9pm I had the most profound experience and felt like a normie. For an hour lol.

I might take 1g tomorrow night and see what happens.

I took 1g of taurine on it’s own (without beta alanine) and it did nothing.

You’re not supposed to take beta alanine and taurine at the same time of the day as they compete for absorption in your body.

Edit: Some research on taurine for research fans :


I love Taurine. It’s a wonderful amino acid. When I took 20g alongside 4g of glycine, It was the most profound experience ever. It was a buzz I couldn’t describe. My body felt really warm and I could hardly keep my eyes open.


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Oh geez. :astonished: 20g is a severe overdose though ! But it’s cool you had a profound experience on it too.


The only downside was I had a runny stomach, ha.


I think you and I have to watch for the placebo effect. As soon as we start something we’re hopeful about we experience great improvement – and after a short while we get into trouble because it stops working or we decide to keep taking more and more.


We do dont have such welfare
Meds market is relativly small in our country


Thats how ritalin made me feel, like life was worth living again. Not quite normie tho.


Well I took 1.5g tonight and nothing happened :frowning:

Looks like it was a one time deal for whatever reason. I’ll try just 500mg again tomorrow out of curiosity.

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