I feel voices gonna kill?

My father and mother
I feel them say true things
There is feeling inside that they will kill remotly my parents
They r true
I dont know where they are from
Should i go to the united nations
Will they listen to me
Wt to do pls help
Frnds :cry::cry::cry:
They dont want to leave me :cry::cry:
It is now 9 years
They control me by a form of weapons of mass destruction
Wr to go now !!!

You need to take your meds, bro


I take them but do meds stop them from killing my parents!!!

Yes. They will stop them. Maybe you need a bigger dose


I am sorry this happening but I am sure nothing bad is going to happen. Talk to someone about what you are going through maybe your doctor and even your parents.

Do you ever have black outs where you lose time or don’t remember doing something?

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I dont think so

Your voices can’t kill. They’re in your head, they don’t exist outside of you. They have no power, it’s just empty threats.


That’s good news! You have to remember that the voices are simply that…JUST VOICES!! There is nothing tangible about them. YOU are the one with the power…not them! They want to break you down however they can! Stand your ground and no matter how convincing they sound…DON’T BELIEVE THEM! You are the boss…they’re just a bunch of punks saying whatever they can to break down your will and get a rise out of you. When I pretend I don’t hear anything at all from them even when they’re yelling at me, they chill out and leave me alone for a while. So basically…no reaction has been my most effective reaction. Although…sometimes I get to a point where I can’t help but tell them to F••• OFF and DIE!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The voices can’t harm you, only annoy you and torment you in your mind. They can’t physically do anything to you. Please talk to your pdoc about this.


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