Hi ....any advice is welcomed!

i said to u b4
voices keep threatening by killing me or someone of my family
i begin to believe them since my father died
firstly he was chronically ill with hepatitis c for years then got the treatment and healed but then he got cancer then died in march 2021
afterthat i begin to believe the voices
i m afraid they do harm to me or my family
can i do something ?
i found group to egyptian intelligence on facebook
should i go and tell them
originally i went to their headquarter in 2015 but they didnt help me at all
but voices become milder
idk what to do !!!
any advice any insight is welcomed

Voices can’t harm anybody on their own. They have zero power on their own. The only action that can come from them are actions that you perform physically. That being said, try to tune them out or ignore them. I find mine rather easy to ignore because they stopped using mean and violent language when I started taking Zyprexa. If they were as mean as they used to be, I’d still be struggling.


yeah for me
they become easier to deal with when i m on AP
but sometime they threaten andsometime i and them insult each other !!!
they waste my energy!!!

Just remind yourself that death happens to all of us, eventually. It is also normal.

my voices also tell me to do harm to people and myself and if i dont they will hurt them

its all sz

im sorry your dad died but it was cancer not you or your voices

going to the Egyptian intelligence probably wont work especially if you tried and failed before

do you have a therapist to talk to about these voices and their commands

are you on meds or thought about looking into cbt

cbt is a way of thinking it helps with figuring out the truth and the hallucinations

i wish you luck in your journey to finding peace


i want to feel safe
it is basic human need
i want to live like all normal
i dont want to feel threatened!

but it is very weird life i m living !!!
thank you
thank you everybody!

hope to see you later
stay safe

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You deserve to have peace of mind and I hope you can get some <3


You poor thing. Try to ignore them. It’s just the nature of the illness. That your dad died has nothing to do with the voices. It’s part of life. My خالة died of brain cancer. It just happens sometimes.


Try not to get consumed by your voices.
Don’t listen to them, they aren’t real.

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I’m curious, did you write aunt in Arabic because you learned Arabic or are you from an Arabic speaking country?

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I’m learning Arabic. Do you speak it?

Maybe you could add another AP to your med’s. Med’s are key.

That’s cool that you’re learning it! I’m not myself. I just pressed “Translate” on my phone :grinning:

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