Are you alive or dead?

voices and their threats make me feel “”"""“i m gonna die soon year or countable years”"""
thats very bad feeling
not everyone has these kind of voices
it is true hell
i m not living nor dead
living with the taste of death !!!


is my life going to end !!!
idk but i feel like i gonna die
all ppl has their own life
and i thinking i m gonna die !!!
thanks god thanks devil thanks everyone
idk anything

and now i need to change my thoughts
all of them at once

i m fine and i didnt give up
i m fighting all the time thats the most important

i will never lose
they are week even with all their acts they are week

i m strong with my thoughts and my will and my support team
and all supportive ppl around me

medication they are the antidote to the voices
meds are the weak point of voices i must focus in this too

i m the best

may there happy years are waiting me in the future
i m sure of that
i will be happy
i deserve happiness i m sure :slight_smile:
thank you

bye bye
i will take the medications
bye bye :slight_smile:

at first when taking medication
they will make a big difference to u
but afterthat you will get used to them
and become more greedy you wish if you totally cured
but feel sorry this will not happen :frowning_face:

It’s good you’re taking your medicine. It should help you feel better. If not, you need to say all of this to your pdoc do you can hopefully get relief

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