I feel sad

I ended it with my ‘boyfriend’ last week.

After many ups and downs he seems to finally have decided not to get back together this time.

He just said bye.

And haven’t heard from him since.

Even though I messaged him a nice text just so it doesn’t end on a sour note.

I’m sad.

This world is an emotional rollercoaster


I just need to ride it out.


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Sorry to hear that Mae. Are you okay?

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I had a moment of sadness just this morning but I’m feeling better atm.


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Sorry you’re going through that right now. During a break up I heard all sorts of things, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all,” “If it was really meant to be she’ll come back,” “Time heals all wounds.”

All I can say is that in time you’ll be alright. I know it’s not the greatest advice but you’ll get through it. All I can tell you is that a bunch of songs will remind you of your ex and the first year might have you remembering birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and such. The same might happen in some places you spent time together in.

Eventually, after enough time it’ll just be a memory of time you spent with someone in life. For me those memories are bittersweet but at times they make me smile. I don’t think about it too much anymore.

You’ll be alright, Mae.


Thankyou. It’s weird I feel I empty just like randomly. Like I’m OK now but half hour ago I felt terrible.

Yes I hope it is a time heals wound thing.

I mean just wish he wudda said more than just bye.

But that’s life.

I’m not used to him not getting back tgether with me.

Makes me feel like I’m not worth fighting for.


I just think it’s because me n him are not meant to be

Thanks for the words and wish you well

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Oh, another thing I used to hear, “You’ll find someone new when you least expect it.” Hasn’t happened yet.:grin:

Yeah, the empty feeling is horrible, it too shall pass. (Full on cliche mode.)

I’m alright though. It has been years after all. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone when you least expect it.:sweat_smile: (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

You should throw some Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive music on or something. Maybe Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball.
Hang in there Mae.


Hey thanks

I’m sure you’ll find somebody…

I don’t see why not

It’s just a matter of time.

Or they’ll find you

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Oh, I’m currently in a happy platonic relationship with my dog. I’ll be fine.:blush:


I don’t know all the particulars of your situation, so I don’t know what kind of advice to give you, but I have a feeling that you were too good for this guy. Maybe you should move on.

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I’m sorry friend. Getting dumped always sucks. We’re here for you. :hugs:

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I’m sorry about your relationship, Mae.

It’s been years since mine, and I’m not sure I’ve ever fully recovered from it. Not to say that I’m miserable about it every day – definitely not, and far from it. But it’s kind of there. Why am I telling you this? Just saying go easy on yourself. He will probably always occupy a place in your heart, and that is ok. You don’t have to be “over” him, as in, detach him from your life.

What can I say? I hate empty platitudes.

I also hate when I end a relationship and women tell me what an ■■■■■■■ the guy is/was. Um, no. I loved him.

The one platitude is that you will move on. It sucks, but you will.

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He was a confident best kisser I’ve ever had. I’ve never experienced that before, sober. Yes I defo had a soft spot for him. The fact that he doesn’t respond has hurt me and affected my something, idk. Oh well. It was meant to end but this is such a tough way to end it,
I mean, yea he can disappear I won’t be responding again if he eventually responds. Plus I’ll change my number in Jan.

Cos then I’m not waiting for a response anymore

Sorry to hear about your past bf.

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I’ve decided I’ll be single for life.

That way no more mind ■■■■■■■

That way

I’ll be okay

Being gay is not the answer because it will just remind me what I’m missing cos really I’m attracted to opposite sex

Why don’t we become bosom buds? Skunky won’t get jealous.


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Breakups are hard. Hope the sadness passes sooner than later.

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I’m sorry. You said you were on and off. Each breakup chipped away at him until he just let go and said and meant goodbye. I don’t think he doesn’t care. I think he does care but the breakups are too painful so he’s just calling it quits completely.

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Don’t let this make you think you’re not “good enough”. You’re a perfectly awesome person, and if this guy is callous enough to just say “bye”, he doesn’t have enough strength of character to be worthy of you. Feel your pain, deal with it how you have to, in time things will move on. People here appreciate you. If you need help, yell, scream, cry, send up a flare. You’ll get somebody who can at least listen.


You see cos he didn’t respond, after my real sweet message I have no ■■■■■■■ clue what he’s thinking. It’s a serious mind ■■■■. I know he doesn’t have to respond especially when my penultimate message was please leave me alone, you stress me out bla bla… I have my reasons BTW…

I have a right to dislike him for not responding to me.

It’s just the pain of not knowing what the eff.

Anyway no I don’t wish him the best cos I don’t know how to.

But I do respect his freedom

I feel like such a hateful ■■■■■ someone help me how can I change the way I feel towards him

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I’m just not suitable as his partner. It’s easy to feel so crap.

I need to recover.

From feeling crap.

I don’t actually miss him. Anymore.

I just feel I need to recover from feeling shitty about myself lol

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