I feel my brain in my head and i am paranoid

as my ex pdoc said, i live in hell…i feel my brain inside my head,its painfull… i am sooo paranoid… its just one month on haldol. for how much time did you felt better? i have nothing to do unless waiting… i try not to overthink but its hard…

it might take many months better buckle up.
you’ll make it through it.

Perhaps Anna1 Is Waiting For Tha Other Shoe To Drop … ,

How Does One Escape Such as That (???)

thanks rollies, i think you re right. its juste that i reached such level of sz,its sooo painfull… my soul,my head,everything hurts… but ill stick with it. i made a ts once at my 18s but now i wanna live :slight_smile:

all that matters is that you are alive, the mental health ward and people that work in the industry are there by the government to keep you alive a lot of people with schiz think differently but that is the truth.
When I was full blown schiz I went everywhere, to citys, the beach and everything I’m surprised nothing happened I was one of those schizos that had it happen all in my head while winging/auto piloting conversations.
What eventually happened was I live in a country suburb and started walking on a high way out to the bush and someone picked me up on the side of the road and drove me out there and I managed to get to a family farm just before the sun went down.
Do you know what could have happened it could have been anyone that picked me up and the worse thing was the mental health people seen that I was probably schiz that day but wasn’t sure and ended up letting me go, these are the things that happen they only found out because I started speaking after a few months with it all going in my head with me thinking it was all real.

Now, I’m on medication for many years still young just turned 23 and waiting for housing, the medication greatly helped but I still have my moments, you’ll see in a few months if the medication is right and than you should start asking questions to the mental health team and you’ll see how much you will have changed if it was the right med for you.
All you need to know is it gets better and try to connect with people while going through it, it’s better than being alone and not being able to reconnect with people conversational wise after you’ve recovered because that’s what a lot of people end up struggling with.

even if you get sort of stuck in a schizophrenic cycle most meds do help to some extent and some do make a full recovery.
it might even be beneficial to buy a journal and write everything down in your head day by day or week by week or memory/thought until you recover and you can go back and read over it. it’s what I wish I did.
Take it easy mate.

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and the headaches can go away too? does sz have often headaches?

I have suffered from severe headaches since as long as I can remember. Don’t know if it has anything to with being schiz though.

yes they should or that could be another condition you should pursue that with your dr anna

ok,thanks to both of you… i think its my schizo though. or probably the sedenterian way of my living but now i cant go out, it will be a flop :confused:

I feel my brain in my head - but I don’t paranoia per se. I really just suffer from what feels like a recoving stabwound in my left brain region. It leaves me feeling numb, inhibited, and un-energetic. It’s endurable, though, just have to take things much slower - be careful with movements and try to slow down the pace of my feelings or thoughts.

Check with your doctor about the Haldol-it may not be right for you.