I feel like things will never get better

The neighbors are going to have someone beat me up and pepper spray. Why the hell do they think I care about what they do in their home. They’d messed with my front door while I was in the living room.

Please don’t feel sorry for me. A lot of it is my sza/bp/depression. Is anyone here have this problem? Im scared to leave my apt. I don’t care about these people. I’m ■■■■■■■ tired. Idk anymore.


My neighbors just talk trash about me. It’s annoying but what am I supposed to do?

It must be hard thinking someone is going to hurt you! I can assure you that it’s probably a delusion. You have talked about your neighbors trying to hurt you for a long time and they have done nothing to you.

It’s just best to ignore what you believe and go about your day!

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Look to your treatment team and get the meds right. Your struggling and you know it but you say it’s your neighbours but honestly most people don’t really care.

You yell at them and they’ll just say your crazy so that doesn’t help but you need to sort out your meds. It’s not working and it’s worth the effort. It really is.

Rox. I’ve been trying to tell you for a while now and your not getting the message. Talk to your doctor and try something else.

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I’m calling my caseworker in the am. I was supposed to go talk with her a few days ago. The pdoc is now booked up to January. I have to go through to her and she can talk to me about what my pdoc thinks.

I’m tired of worrying about the neighbors or anyone else. I just want my perphenazine to kick back in. I can’t take clozapine. Idk rogue I feel like giving up

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Good luck with the caseworker call! Let us know how it went.

Keep up the good fight. That’s what we all have to keep doing.

A long time ago at school this girl hung around in the dormitory’s lobby and ran me down non stop for two semesters. Then one time in a subsequent semester when I was on another floor I got on a crowded elevator, and this girl who ran me down got on after me. I kind of winced, and this other girl was looking at me like “how dare you hurt this girl’s self esteem”. I’m sorry, but my heart refuses to bleed for her.

dont worry dont worry
i m tired too
i feel like my hallucinations turned into angels who are trying annoy me … forever
so right now i feel i m very annoyed
we all like that
dont worry

the perphenazine will probably work…I am on fluphenazine and it works wonders for me…hope you can get over the neighbor paranoia until then.

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