I feel like im in the matrix

Going through what i do with voices and such. I feel like im neo from the matrix ruining programs in my mind. I punch, kick, and spin, they go away, yet when i wake up in the morning for the first few hours they are all cockey about being back to get me again. I just want to break this cycle in my body.

I was watching “The Croods” yesterday and I found it so relating to schizophrenia, where they lock them selves in the cave for weeks and never see the real world because they are afraid of the darkness, and the danger of the night…But they have learned how to live out of that isolated life. So interesting movie, I love it

try working on perminant fixes when fighting them. And when they get cocky, remind them that they’ve already been beat and there’s nothing they can do about it

Am I the only person on earth who has never seen “the Matrix” and has no clue to what it’s about?
Once my therapist commented that the events I described to her were like “the matrix”, she couldn’t not wouldn’t understand I disappeared from the world in 1996, and only resurfaced last year to actually watch movies(at home), the news, TV shows and read newspapers/magazines again.