The matrix2

Ever feel you were in the matrix? And by that mean some world between worlds where you can see and hear what other people don’t. Meds can still affect you but so can other entities. Let’s just say we’re all virtual people ina game, maybe we walked thru the wrong door at some point


When I was very ill in hospital I thought I was in the matrix.

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Same here - when i was in hospital i thought i was at some kind of a scary movie, kinda matrix but something between game and horror


Yes. I’m starting to wonder if I am going to wake up from some kind of matrix.


Ok, I think ( when I remembered my Hallucinations visual) that they are the owner and we humans are their creatures. And I also knew that they are not single as explained in many religion, because I looked two of them in one time. (I explained it somewhere in any thread that I cut a God by half) . Now question is whether they are super natural of human body or they came from other planet. (and we are just toys). (Don’t believe me,)

I refer everyone to my godels incompleteness theory post

Sorry, subjects are different.

Seeing thru the matrix and taking control I think is the same

I thinked about the Matrix Hollywood film, not the Mathematics.

That film is based on a ton of philosophy and consciousness writings


I also found a well defined paranoia and mood change in this film.

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Not the matrix, but other movies…part of what originally started my trip Schizo-affective avenue is I couldn’t distinguish my life from what I read in books or watched on TV/movies. I used to think I became a certain character in a story I was invested in. Once I Wednesday Addams for like a month, then that character in Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyers, Becky Thatcher I believe was her last name (this was back when I was sixteen)…I believe I was even Christina Ricci’s character in Caspar for a while…forgot her name in that story. Now I have scenarios play out in my head like I event characters for different movies and just let them play in my head but I know they’re just stories in my head and not real. If I ever got to writing them down they could be fan-fiction I guess…but I always worry about plagiarizing if I ever did something like that.