I feel like I'm being watched

I’ve started seeing shadow people again. And they watch me all the time. I can’t shake that feeling. Im at work right now and it’s just unbearable. With them watching and the feeling of cameras watching me too. This med switch is awful so far. Idk what to do.

Are you still taking 10mg Abilify? With me I had to take 15mg for my symptoms to go away.

What kind of work do you do?

Yeah, I’ve only been on it for a week and im starting to spiral out. My appointment isn’t until the 22nd.

I work overnights at a group home. 90% of my shift everyone is asleep.

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It will probably take longer than a week for it to work. Try to hang in there.

I also feel they’re watching

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I hate those feelings. The bad ones. I second the motion to try and hang in there. Possibly call your doctor and see if you can get in early or see if he will agree to a med increase in the meantime. I know that increasing my meds has helped me in the past. I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to combat my bad thoughts and feelings. Do you see a therapist? Or what do you do when you start to feel this way?

I’m going to call tomorrow to see what I can do. Hopefully increase my meds or something… I see my therapist on Thursday. I’m still learning what to do when things like this happen. I usually try to draw or journal or talk it out with someone.

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My advice is to just wait for a bit to see if the medicine works but I am not a psychiatrist

I agree with the more responsible approach of telling your pdoc and hanging in there. I have the same overwhelming sensation of being watched all the time, and it really is unbearable.
BUT. I also would suggest (in the meantime) trying one of the things that sometimes works for me when there’s no one to talk me down but me.

First, come up with a mantra, or affirmation, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. Something short but specific, something that contradicts your delusion at the moment, something like “There are no shadow people here” or excuse yourself to a small space or bathroom and use “No one can see me here”, you get the idea. Try your best to turn every other sound and voice out except for your mantra. Say it out loud if it helps, but if you’re in public or need to keep your SZ under wraps, just say it in your head as loudly and clearly as possible.
I hope that could help you even just for a few minutes, I know how hopeless it can feel to have to wait for help. You’re not alone in the struggle, we’re here for you!

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