I feel like I have two left hands

MI can have a physical twist to it.

Because your hands are struggling to do things or both feel strong? Are you left-handed?

I’m right handed but my left hand is stronger than my right. I think this is due to a lot of cruel discipline I received before I can remember. My right hand and arm are scared and go limp. Or they get hard to move. Like very clumsy.

Oh no! That’s devastating! I’m so sorry you were abused.

It’s the main reason I’m a mental case. So, If I can work this our, I’ll be ok.

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I was abused as well- I’m so sorry that you went through it also. It’s so devastating that so many people are suffering because of it.
I still have so many traumas because of it. It appears in my dreams and it’s horrible. I can’t talk to young people here in Korea because I was abused here.
I hope that you will find peace and comfort. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here.
No one in this world should go through the same things that we did. I’m very proud that you are here and staying with us. You got this!

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Do you have help working through it? Have you addressed it in therapy?

No. This is all new revelation since I’ve seen my clinician. I’m alright, really.

What help do you plan on getting?

Louise, relax. You’re making me sorry I ever mentioned it. I"m retired, now. There’s not that much pressure on me to perform.

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It is amazing how much the mind will distort the body!

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