Can't manipulate my left hand

The physical pains or nerve pains were gone. The lost of sensation has yet become stable. I cant use my hand for typing or holding things. I can still use my right hand for now. But the numbness is bilateral. I’m a bit concerned. Does it mean I would become physically disabled in addition to mentally disabled?

I feel a drop of my abilities over the years. Like a degeneration of the brain.

I am so sorry to hear this. I bet this is more then scary. What has the doctor said? If I remember right… did you say that your onset came with an injury?

Is this an effect of that injury? I wish I knew if China had good physical therapy.

I bet it feels like a drop in ability, but there has also been healing too. But I bet it doesn’t feel as fast as it should.

Last time I told the doctor about that, she just recorded my report and said nothing. U have got it right I had a traumatic head/neck injury prior to my onset. I suffer from lack of oxygen or blood supply to the brain. I have received physical therapy and hand therapy for a year. I still have income and savings by that time.

I don’t know what is the problem with me, keep meeting bad luck.

Luck is like a pendulum, it will swing back your way again. You were offered the job… at least people see you have what it takes. The next time you can try with more confidence and get something that is not 3 hours away and fits your health needs better.

I’m really happy the people saw that you had the skill and right stuff. I’m really glad you took your health needs into consideration and are going to keep trying for the right fit.

I hope you get some answers or some therapy with the hand problem. Is it a strength issue or like the muscles just don’t work?

I think my decision is a good one. I know u would be happy with that. :smiley:

I can’t move my hand easily. It’s a bit slow and restricted. The motions are not smooth. I cant use hand tools with it. Cant apply strength and make fine movement. My left hand and the forearm are lacking sensation. I just hope it won’t also happen to my right hand. Otherwise I can’t write or use the computer. Sigh.

That is very scary. Has any physical therapy helped? Have they given you any?

Sure what’s happening to me is really scary. I can compensate with my right hand as long as it is still okay.

The occupational therapist hasn’t do anything with my hands. The psychiatrists often say go see a general practitioner. I’m afraid I need a lot of money if I seek quality medication attention. It doesn’t seem like they know about the disorder.