Is this depression?

Lack of motivation, apathy, lack of pleasure.

It sounds like depression to me but I’m only an expert due to experience, not due to certification.

If you are schizophrenic , must be negative symptoms, depression should be more like negative thoughts, hopeless, sadness, low self steem, even suicide thoughts; as well apathy and low motivation.


My therapist said it might be depression but I don’t feel sad.

People with clinical depression don’t necessarily feel sad.


Its very hard to tell between negative symptoms of sz and depression. Only a pdoc can do that - if anyone can, because even they get confused. My symptoms were like that and I asked her whats the difference and she said its hard to tell but if I cope on antipsychotics alone it is most likely negative symptoms of sz and if I dont and she give me an antidepressant then its depression on top of the sz. Very tricky!