I feel like crying

i feel like crying today,after i think about my life,i did work for my life and for this illness,its been 5 years but nothing much of a improvement,i still couldnt function well

i hold my tears,because i believe if i release my tears it will be energy lost,what can i do for liking to be alone and just dont want to socialize,so anxious that i cant function cant look focus when talking,just so anxious/tense around people,i hope my doctor and helper can read these…Thanks for reading guys


I hope you find some relief soon. I’d say, go ahead in cry. It can be cleansing and release that energy. If you have the ability to feel something… let yourself feel it.

Good luck and I do hope your doc or helper can do something for you too.


I agree that crying may not be the wrong thing. Honestly, such has helped me on a few occasions.

Well, we can’t be objective about the success of our lives while we are living them. I actually like myself. I know I’m no saint, but I have some idea of the struggles I’ve faced, and I’m Okay with the relative success I’ve had given my illnesses.

Good wishes,



Cry, it gets some of the stress hormones out. And be kind to yourself. Do something you like. Eat or drink something you like and that is good for your health.


I feel like crying, too. Life stressors getting at me and I feel so frustrated and helpless. Boo hoo hoo! We can cry together. These last few days have been really difficult with business things I had to do with hubby, driving him around, and the Ramadan fasting doesn’t make it any better, its just another stress and I can’t wait for it to be over! I want my comfort food, it cheers me up no end!


Can we ever recover completely?or recover close to normal?

I cried bucket loads it’s fine. No one will care. It made me feel relief, and brought meaning to the struggle we all know.

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It is ok to cry once in a while - letting it all out can be beneficial - holding it in can be toxic to yourself

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Anxiety is normal and common but it can be treated. Share your thoughts and experiences with the doctors and they will help you. Things will get better.


Hey Mobc~~
You will lose that energy to make room for a new, good
kind of energy. Crying can be great therapy sometimes
Much love

Schizophrenia is kind of one of those up and down things. I am doing so much better than I was last year. I thought I was going to stay that way. I didn’t think it was possible to get better. I would lay on the couch and suffer and have bad anxiety attacks. It was a struggle to shower or trim my toenails. Now I am doing so much better! The house is cleaner and I am starting to cook again. Find little ways to make your life easier. Cook a huge pan of lasagna and cut it into squares and freeze it. You can also make home made soup and freeze it in Ziploc bags. I take a huge pot and fill it with chicken broth and all my favourite veggies until it is loaded up with veggies like a stew. Add garlic and oregano and a can of tomatoes. It is so good! And healthy for you.

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Hey Mobc, I haven’t heard anyone say this in six months so I will say it myself to you :“hang in there”. I feel like crying out of frustration often. Crying is a release. AND a relief. No shame in crying. Does it help you if I told you I have lived for 34 years with this disease? I’ve spent three decades"Hanging in there". You should be proud of yourself being such a hard worker. And didn’t you just go on a date about a month ago? I may be wrong.But if that was you then you should give yourself credit for that. And give yourself credit for trying to be a good,friendly person, even if it doesn’t come naturally.
You’re like all of us; you’re too hard on yourself. I have social problems too, I know it will be good for me in the long run if I keep trying and attend my depression group and see my sisters once a week. No one said it would be easy. I like being alone too but the rewards of socializing are many. I take it on faith when my family, psychiatrists and therapists tell me that it is never too late to learn social skills. Good luck.


I don’t know about crying…part of me feels like crawling into a hole and dying. I’m overly depressed tonight, and I don’t know why. I wonder if life will get any better if this is all there is too it, if so then why keep fighting?

Alright u wanna feel mushy everyone, I cried at that youtube video where the mother was singing to her baby… yeah just thought it was cute.

OK. That’s enough crying for now.


That’s cute 77nick77!

Mobc1990, I think you might be a perfectionist in reality. As a schizophrenic, we have to accept that we have limits and imperfections. You function quite well as you are able to hold down a job and have been very friendly or been social on this site. You are on low dose of anti-psychotics which means lower risk to your liver, kidney, lung, blood circulation…
You are symptom free…the only problem is sexual drive which I think can be solved by taking food supplement.

Just think about those who lost jobs and those who still hear voices and have mood swings. You should consider yourself successful and lucky.

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I actually had sleep problems,it’s like at night after 8-9hrs of full sleep,I wake up and could sleep another 2hr in afternoon,it might be cause by depression

Also I had anxiety problem,just get anxious infront of people for no apparent reason

sorry you are feeling this way, i care.
take care

your sleep problem is not a big one. I think when you are working, you just feel a bit sleepy but not troublesome. You anxiety problem is really annoying. That’s what you have to bear as a mentally ill person. I hope your doc would have the right med for your anxiety.

Cheer up, Mobc, you are doing pretty well and don’t be too hard on yourself.

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