Wish i could cry

I used to cry everyday when i was young and going through a lot emotionally, but the past few years i have lost and miss that ability to cry. I wish i could cry it would make me feel more human and give me some sort of relief.

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crying is hard for me too, i think we supress a lot of our feelings and it stops that natural process, you cant force tears as you know it looks so fake. but bc we have emotional problems unlike bipolar it is harder, idk about people with sz affective though.

I can’t cry either!!!

No, Im different, I can ball my eyes out. I am very emotional

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me too. this medication has turned me into a robot.

My cross wired head… I tear up with nice things happen… or that happy ending in a book…

But when something terrible is happening… I’m shut down…

(and I’ll usually fall apart with a panic attack two days later)

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crying releases emotions…it is actually good for you.
take care :alien:

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I cry every day. More than once. It is really relieving, but at the same time so terribly inconvenient. :cry:

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you might watch a sad movie that makes you cry? I cry a lot in movies it seems.

I cry, not every day but when I’ve reached that uncomfortable stage in something and I need help but feel ashamed for asking for it. I cry during a good movie…the Other sister with Juilette Lewis, Diane Keaton, and Giovanni Ribisi always makes me cry, in a couple different places even.

But it’s odd I’ve been to three funerals in my life and didn’t cry at any of them and I loved all three people I went to. I think in the cases of the funeral’s though mind felt the people were better off because they all were elderly people with very painful illnesses (My grandfather on my dad’s side for instance was in so much pain they kept him on Morphine for several days before he passed, and my grandma on mom’s side had various illness and then my grandfather’s on my mom’s side second wife had pancreatic cancer)…anyway I guess my rationalized they were in a better place because they weren’t feeling pain any more.

It’s sometimes hard to say what will make me cry and what wont.

Stop crying!! . It’s bad for you!!!
I cried for 3 years non-stop almost every day , one day a voice told me that if i continued to cry i would die from brain damage and that i should stop crying immediately and that i should never cry again… When you cry, you stress a certain zone in your brain, i now feel pain almost every day in that zone, crying is not good , it’s not a special ability and if you don’t cry it doesn’t mean that you’re not human, crying can get you ill because the whole body feels negative emotion and you can get health problems in other areas as well. So don’t cry and stop listening to thoughts that tell you to do so!!!

I met someone who has PBA. He cries all the time for everything. Especially after girls he likes. I wonder if there are pills for that.