I feel like crying and cannot

everything is as usual, like a dopey kind of o.k. but I want to cry.

I have such a hard time crying it out.

I can cry over books and movies but I need a cry over my sz etc. and I cannot.


I’m not able to cry, except a little when a particular life situation hurts me + very few of those. When I tried geodon I cried a lot - a healing, growing kind of crying. But I know what you mean. I could use a good one right now.

pob, I am so glad you understand. here’s hoping for a good cry for both of us!!

now I am almost laughing. oh well. it’s good too. judy


It’s difficult for szs to feel sober and connected enough to feel emotions like mourning our sz. I think our tender feelings were shunned as threatening to the tough world.


I cry a lot when watching movies and certain songs I still can hardly hear without crying. “cats in the cradle” is one of those songs. I am sorry you need a good cry Judy. you are a sweetheart.

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I find it hard to cry, the last time i cried was monday when i was sure i would be going to jail wednesday ( whole other thread) But i didn’t cry when my partner’s grandmother died even though sometimes she was kind.

Sometimes i just think about how my sz has disabled me and start crying. these episodes come at random and they feel pretty good afterwards. im sorry you’re having trouble. i know what its like to want to cry about it.

Please someone tell me how to stop**emphasized textcrying. This started last year in March when I began to study Buddhism in earnest. The crying has turned to weeping. It’s not just my own SZ but everyone else’s problems as well. Flat affect must be a joke. ifeelblessed you should consider yourself lucky you don’t have this problem.

i hope you are feeling better today :sunny:
bunny :rabbit: hug
take care :alien:


jukebox. you are always so nice. I really appreciate it. you are a good person for helping us here. judy