Schizophrenia and the ability to cry

I used to cry occasionally, but since taking ill, I’ve stopped crying. I just feel too flat to cry.

Has schizophrenia made you lose the ability to cry, or do you still cry?

It has made me not cry at all.

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I am not sure if it is specifically a schizophrenia problem. I used to find it fairly easy to cry but as years have gone by it has got more difficult.

I’ve cried once in the last couple years. It was more out of joy though. The complexity/beauty of life hit me in the face after an all nighter of drinking. Probably a result of fatigue and chemical depletion. Also when something makes me feel like crying I get to amazed that I’m about to cry and then my mood shifts away from it and I just say “man that’s some crazy ■■■■.”

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It is very hard to make me cry. I cry when I watch a movie about a schizophrenia-afflicted couple from the 90’s and that’s it. I watch that movie once a year. Oh wait. I cried one night after hearing the story of someone with severe mental illness too.

I cried at work today, but was hiding it.

I dont cry at all. Since I was a kid

I used to cry constantly. Then when I first got schizophrenia and I thought that God had told me that I was going to heaven when I die, I stopped crying for a long while, until the voices started telling me I was going to hell. Since then I have been on meds, and I don’t cry nearly as much, although recently I have been crying because my grandma died, and because my sister is also getting this illness, I think, she’s undiagnosed right now though. After getting schizophrenia I don’t cry nearly as much. Instead I think about suicide. I’m not going to commit suicide anytime soon, but it crosses my mind often.

Used to cry in times stress
Don’t cry much now more likely to cry when hormonal and feeling sorry for myself

I still cry, not as much as I used to at life but when I watch movies I cry.

I sometimes wish I would cry as I could do with the release.


I cried about eight years ago for the last time. I still do get the odd tear when I watch a movie though.

I cry about everything. Not necessarily a sad cry. I can’t listen to music without crying.

Songs that have made me cry (there’s more I’m sure):

Umbrella - Rihanna
Can’t Get Right - The Game
Blue Sky - Common
Right Here (Departed) - Brandy

Movies I cried to (there’s more I’m sure):

King Kong (Peter Jackson’s AND the original)
Disney’s Bolt
The pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith
Cloud Atlas

There’s usually some sort of grand realization that accompanies my crying which just seems delusional after a while. I also cried when I was accepted in a gaming school program some years ago, I thought it was the end of my troubles but I ended up in the Hospital for stopping my meds. Haven’t cried in a while though.

Every time I watch Whitney Houston sing “The Greatest Love” on YouTube. Every. Single. Time.

But I do get that high-dose anti-Ps block the emotional pathways in the limbic system between the top of the spinal cord and the bottom of the cortex. For good reasons. A sad trade-off, maybe, but one that can save a sz pt’s life.


I absolutely cannot cry at all since i became sick. Everyday i want to just bawl my eyes out but i just cant.

don’t cry much like i used to, sometimes lose the ability to cry when i want to, but there is a person in me who feels sorry for me that cries

Crying is good for health. From time to time it helps ease the pain and feel more human.

I cry easily. It has to do with overwhelming feelings of happiness usually. and my suicide attempts. When I’m happy I realize I never would have had this happiness had I took my life…boom, I start crying. I cry when I watch movies and some music can make me cry also.