I feel like a shite and a burden

Some friends I’ve made throughout my ward stays sometimes share news articles on social media about how hard it is to be a relative or next of kind to someone with a mental illness.
Page up and down about how the parents constantly worry about their children even when they’re having a good period, how the family members are stressed and exhausted and lying awake at night.

I just feel like a shite for having put my family through those things :confused:

I’m already having a day where I just feel like I’m a burden simply by being alive, and I was just about to call it a day, but now I’m not sure I can sleep even if I try.

I’m so tired of feeling like I should apologise for being alive.

And that overwhelming feeling that everyone’s lives would be better in the long run if I wasn’t in it, doesn’t exactly seem to go away…

What do?

Speaking as a parent of a kid with mental illness, yes. It is hard. It is stressful. But that is because our number 1 fear is that one day our beautiful, precious child will decide life is too hard, and kill himself. There is nothing in the world I could imagine worse than my child not being here to see it.

Maybe you should unfollow this person or at least block posts like that from them.

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That would be the smarter thing to do, yes. All I did was comment on one of the articles they posted that it saddened me to read, and that I have yet to meet a mentally ill person who did not already know what they put their family through and hated themself for it.


@Miika , it’s not your fault. You do the best you can. Just don’t read that stuff anymore because it’s too triggering. Express gratitude to your family whenever you can.

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