I feel I am slowly improving

Hi guys,I feel I am slowly improving,wanting to socialize more(online or phone call),I hope to socialize more in real life also like be more myself in real life and don’t be so anxious and fakey,I try to do my best,I hope I am not in manic states.


Don’t be hard on yourself. You are doing great. Take it slow and let it come naturally. I was once in the same stage of healing as you.

This weekend I was at an art festival with lots of people. Once that would have been all too much. Now I enjoy it. And if conversations don’t go well let it go and start another conversation with someone else.

Turn the page,


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Thx soup,yea I should learn to let go if a conversation doesn’t go well and not think too much about it

i am really happy for you.
take care

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I’m glad you got this good feeling about healing, Mobc1990. Keep going and take care.


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Glad things are going well for you.

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