I feel God is watching out for me

Anyone else feel God is watching out for you??? I feel everything is coming together for me, and it’s all because of God. The pieces fit together perfectly in the puzzle called life. Sometimes I will almost do something stupid, like make a stupid post that I would later regret, and my internet will lose connection or something and then I’ll think weeks later “Thank god I didn’t make that post”. I still make stupid posts sometimes but they don’t ruin my life completely. Getting abilify, getting naltrexone, healing my anxiety, getting this, getting that, at the right times. I always feel like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YvAYIJSSZY

BTW since it’s past midnight, I am 40 days sober.

I don’t deserve any credit for anything, it’s all because of God. I have a strong belief, maybe some people don’t, that’s why this is unusual beliefs. But I thank God.


its a great feeling that :slight_smile:

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i believe very much the same bro… i remember 19 years ago i saw a vision of God saying he needed me and one day i would know how… im learning we have purpose for him here and its alligning ourselves with Good will :slight_smile:

is how it seems to me :slight_smile:


I don’t believe the god is real I just hear radio broadcasting it :slight_smile: HAHA LOL

I believe nothing is real in this world nothing is watching over me I just watch for car driving and try to not get in an accident…but for sure life is great

Heyo… it’s strange but looking back there are ties where I feel like something has been helping me out… like extremely rare chances and recurring times of poverty where somehow things all fall in line and the ship keeps sailing…

I’m more inclined to chock it up to being luck… but that’s as much hokum as anything else in my mind. There is also just the goodness of people… and how in this mindset when things are good the bad times are overshadowed…

I don’t really know what to make of it… but it doesn’t seem all that important. I do think about stuff like that time to time though.

I’m glad you are doing well TTP.

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That’s a comforting thought. I had a friend who told me that when she got scared as a child, she imagined God sending an angel to keep her safe. If you believe in God, I would say it’s definitely something that gives you strength, feeling God’s presence. Of course, not everyone believes in God or Gods, and I hope that, they, too, have something that brings them peace. We all deserve to feel safe and at peace within ourselves and without. It’s really heartening to hear you are in tune to something bigger than yourself.


Synchronicity. I don’t think god cares what color shirt ur wearing but if that somehow gets u a date then u were meant to wear the shirt, but only the bigger purpose mattered