I use to believe in god

I was very passionate about my spiritual beliefs I found god threw the 12 step programme.
I use to love talking about god amd seen god working in my life.
Since my last sycotic episode its like I lost my belief and faith. Now my mind is closed to god and his existence not cause of whats happend to me the past few months im not sure what it is I just dont believe amd it makes me sad cause there aint no human that can help me recover from skitzaphernia apart from taking medication which I dont like anyway .

Feeling sad

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It takes a while to recover from psychosis. It can take years.

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i question god too but wut kind of person would i be if i stopped believing for having a bad life

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Maybe try a diff religion…there’s thousands out there…sounds like believing in a higher power has been a positive force…maybe look into Buddhism I enjoy their outlook and ideas…plus meditation makes you feel wonderful…


I think the chemical imbalance screws with ones beliefs some. For example if i drink a few beers+drink a monster i’m sure there’s a god, when the crash hits it makes it harder to believe. I think same goes with depression, makes me question a lil. But ask for god to give u faith, it works for me.

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I understand where you’re coming from and am sorry that you’re feeling sad. Psychosis can really screw up your belief system. I hope you can find peace with where you are at at the moment. Beliefs can change back, hang in there.

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When I question “why” about everything, I think of the story of Job (Old Testament, Bible) and while I still don’t really understand the disaster area this life can be, I look to that story. I think to myself that it’s completely my choice to believe in God, and nothing will make me stop believing…nothing. I find great comfort in God, so I make the choice to believe. (Anyone else can believe what they will and I won’t argue because I’ve made my choice)


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What religion did you have?

You feel sad for not having your religion anymore.
It might feel like a loss. You might miss the community, socialising, praying etc

Maybe you can find other ways and things.
There are things that help and different things may help different people…

I was raised by atheists or had them around… :slight_smile:

I actually got in trouble n rideculed if i even spoke or asked about god. The topic was not to be spoken about.

I was only religious for one year of my life.
I was muslim for one whole year.
But then felt “hey i dont believe in this” and truly did not so i said Im not a muslim but when i was one i reckon i was a good one.Praid 5 times a day etc

Now… I reckon i may have a Lord which would be my husband but doesnt mean im some submissive or that i couldnt boss him around or be equal n not woman rights etc i just like sound of it n respect n so forth and i would want honour him and see him as my Lord and as a great being.

Then… Theres God… But im not religious i dont think.
Ive not found a religion that seems to suit me from what i know so far but iam reading a bit.
Different cultures, religions, beiefs . Not much but couple or few books so far.

I might believe in some God but not hell and etc
Maybe im a bit spiritual just and might believe in something.
Some times i say thank you for my food etc and for all i have to be thanful for (but not 5 times a day… ) :slight_smile:
Some eople never say thank you but mean it and some people say it n dont mean it …
not sayin right or wrong…