I feel for people who hear voices

The other day, I drink coffee late at night and was awake for over 24 hours… Started hearing voices… Wondering if you think schizophrenics who don’t have hallucinations very often are more likely to have hallucinations when they’re awake for a long time. It was only one I was going for a walk when I heard the voices. It was very startling. I felt it in my body and I walked by every car and it was bumping music really loud until I realize no one was in the car. It was surreal . It wasn’t the first time I had voices, but it’s been very few and far in between. Also every single voice was that of a 35-year-old blonde woman… It was the same voice coming from different houses . Whispering. Scary. But woke up the next day. Hadn’t had hallucinations since.


I hear voices and its fun, because once you realized that your voices cant harm you, they become less important for you. Voices are just random sounds that gets louder with anxiety, thats all.


Hearing voices is torture. I described hearing voices as very acute whereas a delusion is chronic. Appendicitis vs something chronic. That’s my analysis on the matter.

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I don’t hear voices so much as I have loud thoughts and/or thoughts that aren’t mine, but one thing I’ve noticed is that they always want my attention.

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I sometimes hear harmless voices. Faint voices that come out of the heating and air conditioning systems or from the ceiling fans or from the space heaters that mumble constantly. I sometimes listen to them, sometimes not. Since they just mumble, I’m not bothered by them.

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hearing voices sucks, if i didnt hear voices i wouldnt need meds because all my other symptoms like delusions and stuff wouldnt be there if i wasnt hearing voices, luckily meds working good now

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Just out of curiosity. How do you know the voices are from a 35-year-old blonde woman?

I don’t think voices are fun. Well mine not.

I always wonder how some people don’t take meds and can withstand the harshness of it.

I envy them

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For me, my voices are just random sounds in my head, they get louder and mean with stress, but I realized these voices cant do anything agaisnt me also they become friendly when I take my meds, so why should I be worried about it? Voices are what you believe they are, for me, voices are just noise


@Alan96. My voices speak to me in Spanish and English but mostly Spanish. Sometimes in :jp: Japanese

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I rarely experience Auditory Hallucinations.
My main symptoms are Delusions and Paranoia.
When psychotic.

My voices can be pretty scary and annoying. I pretty much keep headphones on most of the day and night. I refuse to talk back to them.


My voices started off friendly and protective and as I got iller they got meaner and more real and theatening, I have 6 most days and when I am calm they just narrate. When I am in public it turns into a crowd and random people shout things at me from different directions. I wish for silence one day but i think this may be as good as it gets

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