I feel bad I killed a bug and a spider

If a spider is dangerous should we kill it?

It can’t help that it is dangerous maybe.

Is it fair to kill it?

Yes… And avocado is a really good one. Healthy fats too in avocado that haven’t been destroyed by refining

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You also have to consider that if you don’t kill it you might have a bunch of baby dangerous spiders. They might take over your house.

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What if grass has feelings, are you going to stop walking on it?




I don’t think grass feels pain

I guess it is self defence to kill the dangerous spider.

Seems sad though because the spider can’t help that it is designed to be a killer.

Whoever fostered that scheme of existence has a lot to answer for.

If you wipe out a particular species the aphids might take over and devour all your crops. One time China tried to wipe out its sparrow population because sparrows were eating their grain crops. The problem with that was that the sparrows also ate bugs that devoured their grain crops, and when they killed off so many of the sparrows there was a huge increase in the bug population. Famine was triggered by the huge increase in bugs.

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I happen to know that poisonous spiders are morose in disposition, and they don’t make good company.

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I feel bad for Edward scissor hand guy.

Kind of a slight comparison to a dangerous spider.

Not the same

Hey! Don’t you dare minimize the grass’s feelings!

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I kill spiders and silverfish the minute I see them, and I don’t feel bad about it. Other bugs like ants, potato bugs or lady bugs for example don’t bother me, but I still get rid of them.

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i dont kill them. i have it all in my cribs. we lives good. i feed them. ants, flies, spiders. just dont kill them anymore. if you dont threaten them they dont even notice you. they just want food like everyone alive. i even get wondering roaches some times. another day a bat came in. they fly beautifully. i got close. it would turn aroun close to my face. fruit eating bat.

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All For the Love of bugs you know that if you don’t take care of them they’ll take care of you so take them out when you got a chance know your environment should be clean cuz you don’t get them pesticides can cause mental problems for people like us soclean Surly your areas and take them out when you can

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Okay Dr Zen


I suppose you could make that comparison. Edward cannot help destroying no matter how bad he does not want to. He’s poetic.

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