Should we feel bad for,

Killing insects such as spiders (can’t be bothered to go to the kitchen to get a glass and take it to the window) or mosquitos (can easily be killed by clapping hands together instead of taking outside)

Is it not a living thing, just as I am also a living thing. With feelings of pain.

And if we’re not sure if they feel pain is it fair to just hope they don’t feel pain.

I personally kill them usually but I do have a slight feeling of badness about it.

Especially with spiders.

As opposed to annoying mosquitos.


Spiders scare the sh-it out of me so I dont feel bad about killing them.


Depends on the spider and situation. I was having a shower the other day and noticed a spider. It was a red back. Poisonous and painful though not necessarily deadly. Still. Couldn’t leave that alive in the bathroom with dad or myself…As too things like Ants…sometimes it’s necessary.


I feel bad about killing them, but I figure if it was the other way around, they would kill me.


I’ll leave it alone if it’s in the furnace room, evict it if it’s in the living room, stomp it if I find it in my bedroom.


The only time I show a lack of compassion for creepy crawlies are in the bathroom and if it’s a tic or mosquito. The bathroom is because I had a fear as a child of something getting on the old full moon when I was sitting on the porcelain throne.

Tics and mosquitos because those carry diseases that dwarf issues caused by most spiders, especially around my parts. Fortunately the real bad stuff from mosquitos aren’t prevalent in my area, but everyone freaks out about spiders when it’d mosquitos and tics we should all watch out for.


I kill spiders inside but leave them alone if I find them building a web outside or something. As a matter of fact I just saw one building a web right outside our back door a few days ago. I’ve never even given mosquitos a second thought though. SPLAT!


I had to kill a buncha spiders the other day. I said “killing them will help them evolve past the thinking that they could mess with, make their webs, and lay their eggs around ME”


I kill mosquitos… they intentionally hurt us


It’s just the noise of mosquitos omg it really gets to me lol.

I don’t mind the bumps as much.

But yea.


I never kill spiders or ants.
But cockroaches are dangerous for health,
so i kill them


I don’t care about bugs when I find them around the house.

Spiders, flies, stuff like that.

I’m okay with, especially if they are on my plants.

But ■■■■ roaches,

Kill them with fire.

Thankfully, I haven’t seen one in years.


I don’t kill creatures unnecessarily.


I’ll sometimes let small spiders live.
I swat flies in the house.

Wasps and hornets get killed.

I do kind of feel bad usually.

They are living creatures.


For me it just depends on my mood.

If I’m having a good day I let the insects live. Release them outside.

If I’m having a bad day, I just don’t have the willpower to free them outside

Depends on how friendly they are.

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I’ll usually kill off bugs that can do us harm like mosquitoes, wasps, big spiders, flies etc…

I would never ever harm a lady bug.

They are sacred creatures.

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One thing I’m proud of is that if I kill an insect I do make sure to really kill it fully. Don’t want it living an extra week in pain.

Makes me nauseous to squish a bug. No one in my house can stomach it. Starlet grabs the bugs and carries them outside, Mr. Star and I usher them into cups or onto paper and knock them out the window.


Yeah if they’re harmless bugs I let them be or take them outside if they creep me out. I’m a known spider catcher. I actually had a pet spider for a short time but it escaped my enclosure. I found it under my aquarium so I just let him live in my house.
But seriously ■■■■ cockroaches.