I drove on the scary freeway today

I didn’t want to do it, but my dad needed a ride to the airport. He drove to the airport, and I drove back, with my mother in the car. There was plenty of room to merge on I95, and on I476. It was stop and go on I476. But I did it! I was so scared that I took two klonopins before I went. I was deeply afraid of merging, and that nobody would let me in. Also, I had to get up at 6AM, which, if you’re familiar with my sleeping schedule is very early for me. I went back to sleep after I got home. We took my dad’s Honda, not my nineteen year old Toyota. I’m definitely too scared to take that car on long freeway trips. It’s been so long since I’ve driven to or from the airport. This became scary to me after schizophrenia. Also, my car is so old that it scares me too. My mom is legally blind, so that’s why she can’t drive. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m proud of myself for doing it. Maybe it will get easier for me as I practice.


yet i am not so sure about you taking 2 klonopins whilst driving…?

Congratulations. People are pretty careful at driving because no one once to end up in a wreck.

This is a big accomplishment Caroline, congratulations, Im happy for you

Congrats, Caroline! I can’t drive at all, especially on a busy freeway. That’s quite an accomplishment!



Good for you Caroline. It’s a great accomplishment. I was also on the highway today and I was as scared as hell.

good on you caroline , you should be proud of your self.
take care

Thank you all for your warm congratulations. It makes me feel good about myself.

Congratulations to you too. Good for you for doing it even though you were so scared.

I get faint driving on the highway anywhere…keeps me from seeing my friends in Tulsa, a 3 hour highway drive…debilitating…good for you Caroline for having the guts to do it !!

Good for you CarolineC for the accomplishment!

If everybody would think of merging just like a zipper (every other one) it would take a lot of fear out of the freeway.

well done u! i find driving on big roads scary too. to fast and too many accidents. most of my paranoia came from drugs and programming. now i’m off the weed it’s just the programming that gets in the way. i’m learning to deal with it and yes like u say, the more u practice the easier it will become.

Yes, that would be very good. It would probably prevent accidents too. Unfortunately, you can’t control other drivers, so it’s still the wild wild west out there.

I don’t worry about me driving as much as it is the other driver I fear taking me out. So far knock on wood, I’ve never caused one accident in my 34 years of driving.