Drove 4 1/2 hours today no anxiety

Had to drive parents to airport because my sister didn’t wake up in time. Wasn’t so bad until half way back I realized my gps was in “avoid all tolls” mode. Well the airport was JFK in queens, New York. If you don’t know there’s tolls everywhere. I live in SW Connecticut and it took me through Manhattan and there was a major accident right near the airport which threw me off cuz my gps does traffic avoidance too. So I went through like tourist hipster Manhattan and all strange places. But didn’t get any anxiety at all!! 2 years ago I would get a panic attack after 4 1/2 MINUTES of driving let alone 4 1/2 hours I’d probably die. Well I’m home now tired and hungry. Me and my dad really bonded on the way to the airport. I was the hero for the day so he was particularly nice to me. I don’t think we’ve ever bonded so much before.


That’s a really big accomplishment @Goyankees!
You should be proud!
I have a hard time driving places by myself.

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I still struggle with driving by myself. I can’t drive new places by myself I’m. Just too scared. Congratulations and I hope I get over it someday like you did


Excellent…Its nice to be trusted and depended on.

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