I don't want to go to work today

I’ve been feeling unwell for the past week and didn’t go to work during that time.
But today I’m physically ok and can go to work if I want to.
But I’m still feeling mentally unwell and don’t want to go.
Do I need to go or not?

Can you elaborate a little on “feeling mentally unwell” if you don’t mind? Maybe myself or others can give you some more direct pointers or help.

Hmm I’ll try…

“Feeling mentally unwell” means I feel irritated, don’t want to talk to anybody, but maybe I could behave normally if I tried hard… which of course makes me stressed afterwards…

Oh, I thought you said you were on disability in an earlier post and that you were okay as a result of that. I’m iffy about getting a job because I don’t want this feeling of “I don’t want to go” to take me over. As a kid I never missed school but I always felt a bit frustrated when my parents came to wake me up in the morning.

Can’t go on forever on disability so I’m looking for opportunities to get a degree in the field I love (video games).

I think in your case you’ll see that if you make the effort and go anyways you will feel better once you get there, after having showered and spent the day productively.

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I would at least give it a shot. Have a routine for decompressing after work if you’re stressed. Such as listening to your favorite music, taking a nice hot shower, hanging out with pets or loved ones, and maybe going for a walk if you’re up for it. Just some suggestions that come to mind.

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@ekoms Yes I’m on disability but I can’t go on like this forever and I’m trying to find a proper job one day. I now go to this work training center for the mentally ill which I call “work”.

@anon40540444 I will go anyway, if I felt sick there again then I’ll think about it and maybe decide to leave there early which I think is better than not going from the beginning…

Thank you guys… now I’ll prepare myself to go…

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I commend you on going to work. Getting and doing the hard (but right) thing can sometimes be a challenge.

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@bananatto, you’re being very courageous right now, you will reap the benefits for not giving up!! :smiley_cat:


Does it make you money? And do you want that money to spend?.. Then work bro.

No, it doesn’t make any money. It’s just training.

I often don’t feel like getting up at 5:30 a.m. and going to work. But I go anyway and I am ALWAYS glad I did.
Psyche yourself up and tell yourself how lucky you are that you are able to work. When I’m tired at work sometimes and I am doing certain tasks, I use my experience and the fact that I’ve been there three years to “coast”. I put myself on autopilot and daydream and I count down the minutes until I can get off and make it home and sit down and relax and pour myself a cold one. A cold, frosty, potent…Chrystal Light, lol.


no work, sounds like a recipe for a long and happy life

Now I’m leaving home.
Thanks again!!