I dont understand why do people kill

I never understood murderers, how can you take a life. You must be soulless. True evil.

You shouldn’t be thinking of such things @oe1489


maybe your right, i just never understand killers. How can even do such a thing to another human. sorry.

People kill for various reasons, yes some are evil.
During time of war people kill.


there was many wars in the past

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life is so precious, so many people died in wars. its so horrible.

I can understand it though that doesn’t make it right.


i cant understand it, maybe something is wrong with them.

Anger or money rough childhood mental illness there’s plenty of reasons


I almost bought a 9 milimeter when I was 19 hmmm glad I didn’t!


im glad you didnt either.

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So you’ve never been so annoyed that you want to kill?

Sorry I don’t believe you.

No I’m not a murderer


Its better to not think about it. I wanted to kill when off meds and saw ppl like chickens. I saw dead bodies in the bathtub and blood on walls, I thought they were signs from the Italian mafia to kill me when I was in Italy. I thought the hotel I was in was run by that mafia so I thought about harming them but I didn’t.

Workers in the hotel.

My parents brought me back to Canada where I was medicated again. I am sure that I would have harmed ppl if I stayed longer without meds and thinking that they are from the mafia and trying to harm me, so I defend myself.

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The closest I have come to real violence, was about a year after I broke my neck. The insurance companies were both screwing me, and the case manager came to visit me. He was a reptile, plain and simple.

I hid a 9-iron under the couch, and was going to take the top of his head off with it. But I couldn’t do it, thinking maybe he had kids


Hmmm that’s freaky

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I have seen pure evil before… Not all murders are bad… Look up Gypsy Rose…

Killed her own mother at the age of 18 because her mother was torturing her by making her have medical procedures she did not need including :

chemotherapy, teeth removal, keeping her in a wheel chair even though her mother knew she could walk, a feeding tube, saying she was allergic to sugar, saying she had spina bifida not to mention many many other things… In my opinion Gypsy should have been let go time served

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I used to hang around with some rough people But in my defense who else would do drugs with me at 3 am! I know gang member types who sold guns and drugs of course I’ve known murderers but I’m not aware of any specifics. I just wanted to sniff coke at 3 am and met some wild people. I only hang out with really nice people now

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@Twialine that sounds like justifiable homicide, for sure

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