Any medication coming for the negative symptoms?

Is there? I am really desperate!! Tell me what you know!

This is old news, but sarcosine really helps me with negatives. It makes chores go from totally impossible to just unpleasant. It makes me able to organize the thoughts in my head so that instead of thinking “hmm house is dirty, that sucks I should do something” and then sitting paralyzed for hours, I can actually think “the floor needs to be swept. I will grab the broom and sweep the floor” and then do it.

Google min-101 (also known as roluperidone).

That’s in the pipeline for negative symptoms.

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If your negative symptoms include more of depression like negative thoughts, intrusive thoughts etc then the best supplement to try is myo inositol. Instant effects but disrupts your short term memory so you might find difficult to remember what did few minutes ago. Its a trade off but worth a try if your symptoms is very severe enough. I mean if the thoughts is preventing you from moving forward.

Supplements which do not create memory issues include DMG, NAC with co factors (selenium, molybdenum), pure green tea etc.

If you have the opportunity, try different AP’s. In my experience, some AP’s have strong negative effects and others dont! Discuss with your pdoc.

Where did you get your source of sarcosine.I tried it like 5-6 years ago when it’s really hyped but it didn’t worked out for me.I got it from china

I get it from Amazon. Hang on I will get the link.

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This is the brand I use. Some people use profrontal but I found their product to be overpriced and less effective.

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My old pdoc gives prozac for negative symptoms. I’ve read Memantine also helps too.