I don't like dogs

And I don’t like doglike people. Bounding around, knocking down children. selfish. biting animals. I’ve been afraid of them all of my life.

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Yup I think dogs are annoying and treacherous aswell.

I’m afraid of pitbulls :fearful:

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Our trashy neighbours have one that keeps trying to get at me through the fence.

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I have a German shepherd but I don’t like dogs. I tolerate this one because he is well behaved. If not he’d be gone.

Been around dogs all my life. My dad likes big dogs. Labs, German Sheppards, he even raised wolves :wolf:

I don’t like cleaning up after dogs


I love my pups. They are so cute


I would like a dog, but with my work it would be to hard to look after them, plus I can’t walk far so walks are out now

awww, I love dogs and I love cats too…how can you not love dogs???

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I like other peoples dogs. I don’t like how they smell. even when people say they bathe them I can still smell that dog smell and blech! I like my cat. I can bury my nose in her fur and inhale and it smells like nothing. I don’t mind her on my bed either. But I do say hello to the neighbors dogs and pet them on the head and scratch their back when I see them.

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I love dogs!
They are my favorite animals.
But lately I’ve been reluctant to adopt a dog.
My last psychotic break 2 years ago took a lot out of me.

Don’t know if I could handle raising and taking care of a dog again.

Before I commit myself to dog ownership again, I want to make sure I’m ready.


I think that bad/stupid people make their dogs bad/stupid. I like dogs that are smart and well-mannered (just how I like human children to be) Having said that, we have a cat and prefer him over having a dog.


Whenever I hear on the news that someone was mauled by a dog, I yell, “oh no, was it a Golden Retriever again?!” Because it’s never a Golden Retriever, it’s always a Pitbull.


I have a little dog who loves everyone


I am afraid of most dogs

I love dogs, but they’re a lot of work. I had to give my dog away. Overall, I prefer cats.

My bud has a pit bull, and it is very friendly.

“I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs, but I always trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”
-Bill Murray

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I agree, cats are better, they’re quiet and don’t jump all over you

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They ignore you

I like dogs when they belong to other people. Not myself. I would never own a dog myself. Way too much work and responsibility for me. I much prefer cats. I love my cats. And other people’s cats. All of them.

I like little dogs. I’ve always been intimidated by big dogs. However, i’m more of a cat person or a bird person. I have a cat and a parrot.

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