I feel like I've become more and more reclusive

I just don’t really need that much socialization anymore, and don’t really like it. Maybe like a couple hours every few days is all I need. And I prefer more relaxed socialization, like studying together or playing videogames together, or reading in the same room someone else is doing something, stuff where you’re busy with different things but are doing it at the same time in the same room if that makes sense.

So I guess it is very stressful for me being at home because there is a lot of forced socialization, and also I can’t sleep my normal schedule because my parents wake me up…which is bad because since I get such poor or minimal sleep at night when I can’t sleep in during the day I become sleep deprived which makes my symptoms worse…and then there’s my dad being a constant source of anxiety for me too.

Anyways. I guess I’ve become like a social cactus. I am quite satisfied with small amounts of socialization every once in a while and can go a long time on that. Has anyone else noticed they’ve become more withdrawn?


I think that you can be happy @Anna.
I will tell you why.
If you don’t need socialization you depend less on other people.
You don’t need favors from other people ,so that’s a positive.
Because people for socialization can be difficult to find, and if you don’t need them then
that’s one problem less for you.


Too true, that is a nice way to put it erez. My parents guilt trip me for needing solitude so I end up feeling bad about it.

I have lost all of my friends mostly due to this illness. However, I think if I kept my friends I may not be as stable due to me probably doing drugs and alcohol with them. I am also staying with my parents right now and socialize with them minimally as well as small amounts with people at work. I don’t lead a very interesting life but I am hoping to meet someone when I get back on my feet. I don’t mind being alone, the only downside is I seem to talk to the voices in my head more often because of it. I feel as though if I didn’t have them I would be in an isolated hell. I felt that way before my diagnosis, that I was in a form of hell when I was alone, even though I had friends during that time. My only release back then was alcohol and weed, but after my diagnosis I seem to never have been as bored alone as I was before psychosis even if for the last while it’s just been arguing with the voices in my head. It’s sad that I feel this way, but for certain personal reason’s I don’t know if I could be in a relationship or have friends. One reason is to stay stable I have to stay away from intoxicants which with my personality, leaves me less than entertaining.

I totally relate, especially on this med. I used to love going clubbing too, now I wanna stay home and most of my socialization is with a few very close friends and just this forum.

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Yes. I don’t find socializing as fun anymore and I’d rather stay at home. I’ve already turned down a few invites to hang out with some people. I also prefer to do more chilled out activities that don’t require much energy. Oh well.

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I feel similar and don’t think we need to force an unpleasant situation on ourselves just to feel normal. I just consider myself an introvert. I’m ok with that and think your just fine just the way you are.:slight_smile:


I don’t feel good with that :slightly_frowning_face:
Just today I’ve canceled two appointments, onr with my family and another now with my friends… Too my dog want to go walk and I’m just waiting to my father come home for him to do it… :sweat: