I dont know if I feel comfortable posting here anymore

I’ve been seeing more and more judgment on this forum. From being described as gross because of my tattoos, to threads about people with delusions not being aloud. Shouldn’t we be more inclusive? We know what stigma is, we deal with it daily.

I dont want to leave, I love it here. I dont know if I’ve made a difference here, but I know I’ve been helped by many. I dont have much support outside of this forum, but it’s getting so judgmental and hateful. More so than when I joined back in January.

I’m not a fan of making attention seeking threads, but I believe you cant fix an issue if you dont talk about it.

Mods please delete or lock if I’m out of line.

EDIT: I wasnt directly attacked about my tattoos.

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It’s a community and there’s lots of different folks and reasons why people use these forums. It’s still well moderated and without doubt an inclusive space. You can never get on with everyone and some things I don’t agree with but I don’t need to reply to those things. I read what I can and comment when I think appropriate.

I have no issues with the current format and moderator team. It works well for what it is. I always remember that some people use this place to avoid isolation. That is important even if their message maybe a little confusing. Never have a problem with you or your posts and I’d suggest to stay and play. More voices are worth it and it’s not a bad thing to bring up.


I’m sorry you were offended by the tattoo thread,

And I never saw anything about people with delusions not being aloud.

Most of us have delusions so that wouldn’t even make sense.

I agree that we should all do more to be more supportive and less judgmental.

I hope you’ll stay and be a part of the change.


I want to be super clear I’m not blaming moderators at all.

I also want to clarify that I wasnt directly told I was gross, I should have made that clear.

Maybe I’m just being over sensitive. I’ve been having crying spells ever since I went to partial hospitalization in September. It opened up a lot of stuff I’ve been supressing.


Hey you are okay. I am not judging you at all. I’m sorry if people here are. With all the name changes around here I don’t know who is who. So I don’t feel like I am understood here by many. I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable. Ignore the posters that give you a hard time and find friendships with people who accept you for who you are. I get why you want to leave but I think you should stay. You can support people on here who need it. Hugs. :two_hearts:


There are lots of us here with tattoos.

I have tattoos and love tattoos but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

People have different taste.
My parents hate tattoos.

There are people on this forum who ignore me and seem to not like me but I just let it be .

There are others who do like me​:open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:.

I love this forum and that others have had similar experiences as me which is symptoms of schizophrenia.


You have to consider that most of us would have been still screwed up even if none of us had ever became schizophrenic, lol.

There’s an old punchline from “Seinfeld” or maybe it was “Friends” or maybe it was from my best friend in third grade.
When someone bugs you, stop and “consider the source.” When someone judges you, try to think of the persons record of what they usually write. If they consistently bug everybody than you know it’s they’re the problem and not you. And move on. Sometimes people on here don’t realize they are bothering other people or that they are being overly negative.

I am, lol. Dang it, if I think videos of lion cubs playing with their dad are cute and funny, then every last one of you is going to hear about it and watch it.

But your feelings are valid. We have the flag feature but if you think someone is being judgmental then mention it to a mod and be specific. Maybe they could PM an offender and warn him that’s he’s getting too close to crossing a line. This site is invaluable and there’s lots of both good and bad. I think it would be impossible to get rid of 100% of the negativity. It’s hard to be positive when someone feels their life is going down the drain. But I agree that deliberate “meaness” and “nastiness” needs to be addressed and taken care of.


Well, at least you don’t have gum tattoos.

These are caused by the mercury within the amalgam fillings within your teethes.

My feelings about tattoos are just my own feelings, I know everybody’s different and I think it’s great people have things that make them happy. A lot of forum posts are about opinions. You can have opinions and still think everybody’s great, and not want to exclude anybody. Maybe just take what people say with a grain of salt in opinion-based threads, none of it is meant personally.

I think you’re a cool person would hate to lose you from the forum.

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You can express opinions without being mean. People get banned on here for their opinions on homosexuality, or sexism, or racism.

What if I said a group of people, be it lgbt, a race, or a gender, looked gross? I’m just expressing my opinion. Should that be taken with a grain of salt?

My tattoos are a part of my identity, and I dont deserve to hear they are gross on a website that is supposed to be inclusive.

You could have expressed your dislike for tattoos a million other ways without saying what you said. How am I not supposed to take being described as gross personally?

I dont have anything against you at all, I just found what you said to be very offensive.

While I get what you’re trying to say, I don’t think those are fair comparisons. Tattoos are a choice, and in no way as big a part of your identity as race, gender and sexuality.

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I was going to say that just now. You said it so better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So what? They are a choice that are part of what makes me my authentic self. Do I deserve to be called gross because of that?

Being born into something or choosing something should never be a baseline for accepted discrimination.

I feel you man but on other forums people cuss and diss each other and no one blinks an eye and you’re weak or something if you start taking offense. Not saying we should be like this by any means but sometimes we take things a bit personally, us szs. We are gentle and fragile maybe. We should be nice to each other. I think maybe this is discussion that you needed to make. I understand you felt the need to express your opinion. But ■■■■ what people think. U got that tattoo for yourself. If others don’t like tattoos it’s just they’re different people than you in that regard. No biggie. No reason to leave the board. But I understand if you wanted to create a discussion on the matter to express how you feel. Take care.


No, but you’re minimalizing racism, homophobia and sexism by comparing these things. This isn’t even in the same ballpark as the homophobia I deal with or the racism my boyfriend deals with. Please don’t compare these things. That’s all I’m saying.

Allowed and aloud mean different things entirely.

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I get you are upset. I think the comparison is off.

You do not deserve to Be called gross. If people don’t like tattoos they can say so without being offensive to those with them.

I know what you mean about the delusion thread, it was closed because of being not helpful or contributing to our community.

Sometimes things we don’t like are said. We have to speak up, lik e you did, to let others know when they are being hurtful.

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I think the issue is that your color, gender and sexual life is not a choice. You are born with it. You are not born with tattoos though it may be a part of your culture or what you prefer. I just think you are comparing apples with oranges.

You think I havent dealt with that as a pan man?

I know exactly how sexual orientation discrimination feels, and it feels a lot like being called gross because of your appearance.

Just because something isnt as bad as another doesnt mean it isnt bad.

I have tattoos. This doesn’t offend me at all. I get that your tattoos may be more important to you than mine are to me, but its still minimizing homophobia, sexism and racism to compare these. I don’t know what you’ve dealt with as a pan man, but I can tell you, without a second of hesitation, that if my experiences with homophobia were limited to things like this, I’d be a very different person.