I don't know how to ask him on a date

As he has autism I am not sure how to ask. As in , if I ask and he says yes does that mean he actually means it? Just trying to understand. Because I asked but he said possibly next week as he’s coming down with a cold. He’s very fit so I’m not sure if he even wants to meet me.

I just said even if you want to meet as friends drop me a message we can meet when we both free because I wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Maybe you should branch out and join a choir or a club or something to get your mind off of guys who are bad for you.

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This one doesn’t seem bad. But a fellow sufferer of mi. I spoke on Skype.

Sigh. Well good luck with this one, Ish.

I guess you get points for trying.

I could join a club but I don’t seem approachable. I find it hard to mix in or mingle I just sit in the corner

Lol, that’s how I survived 4 years of high school.

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Err, what how are they not effective ? Please explain.

Particularly when the doc has kept me on them because they are effective.

well just arrange a date for next week and see what happens

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Ahh I’m not sure it will work since I’m not usually one to take the initiative but as friends he seems sweet :upside_down_face:

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I hope it works out well for you, I think it is good you are getting out there meeting new people and dating

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I don’t want to sound like I’m stereotyping, but people with autism are usually very up front about what they think and feel. They tend to say exactly what they mean, without worrying about social norms. If he said he wants to wait until next week because he has a cold, he probably just has a cold.


Ahh so i guess he’s not trying to get rid of me :see_no_evil: And if he says he’d like to see me he meant it.

Odds are, he has no idea that what he said could possibly be interpreted as a rejection. My husband has the same mindset, and it was very challenging getting used to someone who doesn’t play mind games.