Dating is... not fun

Maybe I started too soon. I thought it would be ok. I felt like I could move on because of what she did to me.
I started talking with a guy that said up front he didn’t have time for a full blown relationship. We hang out a lot text a lot. Lately I’ve been feeling like a bother more than anything. I can’t figure out if that’s an insecurity of mine. I just opened up that discussion with him, I’m hoping for the best. I also told him this dynamic isn’t healthy for me. So I’m guessing that I probably won’t be able to see him anymore. Which sucks. I like him a lot, too much for the distance.
I also met someone on a dating site that I was getting interested in. He agreed to a date then a few days later changed his mind. I’m dumbfounded on what I did wrong.
Dating is hard. But dating while autistic is… a whole other ballgame.
Constantly guessing my next move. I’m lost.


You’ll find someone.

Be nice to yourself in the meantime.



You don’t necessarily have to have done somethi g wrong.
When I’m on dating sites, I talk to multiple people at once. As soon as I find someone I’m vibing with, I focus most of my attention on them.

Maybe the guy who changed his mind just got to know you a bit and realised there wasn’t really a spark. Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason.

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince


Be a happy person and you will invite happiness into your life. It’s not your job to make anyone happy, neither is it theirs to make you happy. Share your happiness together.

Also, sometimes people come into our lives when we stop looking. Remember, you are there to meet and enjoy yourself. If you aren’t enjoying yourself it will show. Try to weather the disappointments the best you can.

I really like the advice above. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Especially in online dating.

Good luck!

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