Haven't slept much. Only about 3 hours

Think part of it has to do with this new guy. My mind feels like went in over drive last night. Maybe he’s not healthy for me? Maybe offering friendship wasn’t healthy option. Because if that’s what he’s after and I want more then it’s going to flare up symptoms for me. How do I pull away in a friendly way. He has an illness himself. Mi.

Have you started tapering down of the Abilify?

No not yet. This only started yesterday I can’t mention why here I’ll pm you

I had advice but im not qualified to offer it up… so… I am qualified to say sleep on it… a nice good deep sleep… if you are worried about it in the morning still… maybe decide whats best for you then…

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I am going to talk to him if he initiates the texts and he needs me but otherwise from now on I intend to keep my distance. As if he initiates the messages I’ll know his intentions more.

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its like a battle… what if he honestly just wishes to remain as friends… could you?

I don’t know my heart feel like it wants more but then again I’ve not met him. So that’s why I won’t initiate any conversation. Or FaceTime even

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atleast you do not pretend like you could when you know you may not be able to… and your not completely cutting this potential friend or whatever loose… just be careful and good luck…

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He can seem very rude and blunt but you know I kinda warmed to his honesty apparently in autism they say what they feel. And I’ve always hated the mind games. It’s very refreshing to meet someone like him

be more chill or you might accidently hype them up in your head… just be cool as polarbear toenails sippin on a snow cone in a snowstorm… I usta hype people up in my head… and made excuses when they didn’t meet expectations… I found true love only after I placed no expectations on anyone…when I met my love… for a long time I was just happy I got to hang out with a friend… no pressure… its nice i promise… seems like you are working on going this path anyway i wish more would walk it…

Google sleep hygiene and research that. I almost take temazepam like candy to get any sleep these days. Maybe get pen and paper and write what you’d like to say to him, really vent. Or try something similar. I’ve always journaled and found that useful with stuff like this.