I don't have the motivation to cook from scratch

My cooking skills are limited to put it simply. I’m very much a lump it all in one utensil type cook. The fewer the steps needed and the fewer ingredients to prepare the better. Then there is the whole issue of organising and planning what to get . This for me is a major issue which feeds into the motivational side of things. The thought of doing what some people do which is shop with a menu plan for the week ahead just completely overwhelms me. This very much relates to my executive functioning difficulties especially with regards to organising and planning and multi step tasks.
Not only do I get overwhelmed but that sets off the anxiety.


I dont cook cuz i cant…!!!

I don’t cook much
I get ready meals and add vegetables

Aldi over here has these really good and cheap 3 cheese pizzas. We stock some cheap salami! Whellahh! Cheap pizza and it’s just 10 minutes in a hot oven!

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I either have ready meals or something with one of those microwaveable rices or packet of pasta in sauce. I’ve yet to find a way I can cook veg and the pasta or rice/ready meal in the microwave at the same time. The alternative is to have one thing in the microwave and the other in the saucepan but then it’s coordinating things. As you can probably guess I don’t have much veg. It’s not that I dislike veg it’s just the issue of fitting it in a way that requires minimal coordination.

Have you got a steamer you fill it with water and bung vegetables in let it steam


I had a steamer but it went when I moved.

Yes I’m exactly the same. I don’t do cooking right now and so just eat cold stuff. It’s just too overwhelming cooking every day.

I literally survive on eggs in bred and spaghetti when I live alone. All I need protein and carbs, maybe rice and veggies when I’m dirt broke.

Cooking relaxes me…one of my anxiety coping skills…but problem is I can’t drive to store😢

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Cooking is fun for me, but most times I only bother with mashing everything together in one pan, like you said. I like cooking breakfast in particular.

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When I moved into my new apartment, from that old folks home, I told myself that I would cook my own dinners every night and pattern my shopping and cooking after the dinners served at the old folks home. And I’m doing it! The alternative was to go back to the kind of eating I was doing before I moved into that old folks home and that was very, very unhealthy. So unhealthy that I had to go to that old folks home in the first place. Now, I want to stay the heck out of there, and to do it, I have to cook.

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