I don't have SZ - true story with science-based results NOT A HOAX

A few days ago, I suffered a grand mal seizure. Went to the neurologist today, and he said my “hallucinations” and “delusions” were coming from a misfiring temporal lobe, as evidenced by the EEG. I feel like I’ve been let out of prison early. I’ll have to take 1000mg of Depakote for the future, but I am OVERJOYED to have this monkey off my back!!!


Congratulations. Lucky dog!!


happy for you alien 99

The temporal lobe is a dangerous place to have a dysfunction, it can make a minute feel like an hour or an hour feel like a minute. As of right now I’d rather of sz;

Apparently, in a nut shell, delta waves become screwy and can interfere with a person’s interpretation of reality. My seizure reset that.

I’m SO happy for you to have finally gotten clarity and a correct dx! I had a feeling it was temporal lobe related.

Now you can move on with your life without questioning your own sanity. And more importantly, not having others doubt your sanity.

I hope you get the seizures under control very quickly and prosper in your daily activities and work! GREAT NEWS!

Many Blessings,



Thank you Anthony! Just out of curiosity, what made you think it was a temporal distrubance? Not mad, just curious. :smiley:

It made me suspect temporal lobe dysfxn because I’ve seen it in a few patients who also suffered from seizures plus hallucinations, and were misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia. And from what you’ve described to me, it didn’t sound very much like classic schizophrenia.

I know having seizures is no walk in the park, but I hope you’ll find your life just got a little bit easier :slight_smile:



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Thank you Anthony! It will be a real treat to get rid of these pesky voices. If I have ti take 2 Depakote a day, so be it! You’ve helped perk my spirits this morning. :smiley:

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