Does anyone with SZ have seizures also?

I keep having trouble with my sight and consciousness. I get a fogginess that comes over me and I can’t think clearly or focus. It causes me to lose my awareness of my surroundings and can only talk in short sentences. Also, I can see when this happens but I don’t understand what I’m seeing.

do you know how to spell it?

You don’t have it. I’ve seen it often in my jobs.

You are a very rude woman. Do you have seizures?

ha, if you had anything like that happening the medical team would be intervening.

I’ve helped women often and it’s major, not something mild.

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My little bro asked me a couple days ago if sz ppl have seizures. You reminded me of that…

I have epilepsy and sz but that is completely unrelated :neutral_face:

I had tremors in my right leg for awhile about a year ago that I thought might be coming from my psych meds. My psychiatrist thought they weren’t coming from my meds and sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist did not know the origin of the tremor but did a lot of seizure testing like an EEG and 24 hour EEG, a nerve conduction test etc he was never able to conclude that I was having seizures. It was very random, my legs tremors came out of nowhere and I made videos on my phone to show him every visit.
He eventually just told me to come back if they got any worse. The tremors in my right leg went away slowly and once in awhile now under stress my left leg tremors, but rarely. The only thing I ever took for them at the recommendation of my psychiatrist, during the time the neurologist was doing all of the testing, was magnesium a moderate dose. I’m not sure if that helped or if they just subsided naturally.

That does sound like it could be an absance seizure. Grand mal seizures are the very showy ones, and those are hard to miss. With absance seizures, the person just looks like they’re zoning out for a few seconds. If left untreated, they can progress into grand mal seizures. Definitely tell your doctor about this.

If it’s happening specifically when you stand up, or when you put your arms above your head, it could just be low blood pressure. That’s what happens to me. Everything just fades away for a few seconds, while my heart tries to adjust to my change in position. I had to get an EEG first, though, to rule out seizure activity.

I used to have terrible head ticks a jerking arms and legs from my psychosis. My ex used to hold me when I would flail and he made me better.